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I have grown fond over the years of taking a snapshot of my feet whenever I'm in new places or just when I think the ground is pretty. I don't know why but I prefer it way, way more than taking selfies. I discovered recently that there's actually a hashtag for this in Instagram called #…

SoulPancake Sunday

I haven't done SoulPancake Sunday for a while so I thought of looking for a prompt from their website's Conversations.

For this week, the question is: What is your favorite poem?

Most days, my answer would be probably something from Pablo Neruda but this one from Jack Gilbert is my favorite…

Waves: A Playlist

Give me one good reason, baby, why I'd leave? Why I'd leave you here? Until then I will float in silence gingerly Consuming energy
1 // Massive Attack - Angel
2 // Radiohead - Nude
3 // Mutemath - You Are Mine
4 // Portishead - Roads
5 // Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
6 // Placebo - Post Blu…

The Lazy Girl Tries To Cook: Wheat Bread Egg Pizza

Original recipe and list of ingredients can be found here. And since most of the ingredients listed were not readily available, I had to substitute majority of them. Hahaha.

English muffin = wheat bread that I trimmed to become round (haha)
olive oil = salted butter
mozarella cheese = cheddar chee…

Alice in Wonderland by Gianluca Maruotti

Being an Alice in Wonderland aficionado, I've seen the Lewis Carroll characters be interpreted in different kinds of mediums: illustrations, animations, films, plush toys, paintings, etc. But this is the first time I came across an Alice in Wonderland piece in plasticine. Plasticine is actually…

This Week's Recap // 4

The past week was really swell! I got to have a 5 and a half-day weekend (started on Wednesday; had to render half day last Friday though) which is super rare. And I've been looking forward to it for quite some time because... beach. I know I'm not really a beach person but the thought of …

After-Summer Love Letter

(Just a heads up: This is a slightly cheesy, gooey post.)

The thing is, this feels like the first rain after the most agonizing summer. If you think about it, I should have been used to the feverish temperatures because we all grew up to this. A few months of scorching heat that I've always had…

Loops & Links

1. Wee! My sort of movie review for Happymorethankyouplease was recently featured in 20 Something Bloggers' Weekly Community Round Up!

2. Have you heard of One Hello World? This is my favorite so far:

"We don’t have to do anything extraordinary. We don’t have to talk about…

The Lazy Girl Tries To Cook: One-Eyed Sandwiches

For the past month, I developed this habit of cooking preparing easy-to-make breakfast meals at home. I don't really get to eat decent breakfast on weekdays because of my different working schedule.

Saturdays are spent sleeping which somehow corrects my body clock during weekends and I end up …

Truth Thursdays: All Things New

This prompt was originally for the start of the year 2014, with the following questions: "What are the new things that you waited until the New Year to begin? What are the old things you are swapping for the new?" But then I figured you don't really need a new year to have a fresh st…

Favorite Things #24

1. Sunset >>> Sunrise. 2. This particular view. I've always loved it since I was a kid. 3. Strawberry frosted avocado cupcake from Lia's Cakes in Season. 4. It's never too late to enjoy summer; swimming with friends 5. Me frolicking in the water. Hah! 6. An attempt to make cho…