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Quick Bites

Authentic Laing and Bicol Express. This was actually from last year's trip to Naga and Legazpi. We stayed at a colleague's house and they cooked for us these spicy delicacies. Back then, I can't tolerate spicy food as much as I can today (but I make exceptions for viands with gata) so I was sweating like there's no tomorrow when I ate this. But it was really, really delicious.

Tsa Kamot's Loglog. Perfect for the rainy weather during our stay in Naga. Super tender meat with chunks of melt-in-your-mouth beef tendon, which I thought at first was chicharon. Best eaten with fried plantains!

Sili Ice Cream and Tinutong na Bagas Ice Cream. Our friends who are originally from Legazpi told us that these 2 are a must try being Bicol is the land of everything spicy. Of course, we were up for the challenge! Though I still personally prefer the Tinutong na Bagas ice cream. It had that a little burnt flavor without being bitter. You can find this in 1st Colonial Grill in Pacific Mall in Legazpi.

Kerantang (steamed egg in hotpot) and Budaejjigae (spicy sausage soup) from Donu Pork & Beef Grill. Donu Pork & Grill's one of the many great Korean Restaurants found along the area of Jupiter Street (specifically, Polaris Street). I've always been a fan of the Budaejjigae (though we call it 'military soup' before) but it's my first time trying out the Kerantang (which I've never heard of considering I love Korean food) which was surprisingly delicious. Excellent service, too. The Kerantang was given to us for free! :)

Home-made Pad Thai. A friend (Hi, Charm!) from work's mom whipped up her super satisfying version of pad thai. Definitely 5/5! Chewy-perfect noodles with complete with chunks of chicken and squid, generous amounts of bean sprouts and tofu and that nutty-tangy-spicy taste! Yummy!