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Mandarin Palace BF Homes Paranaque

I went here with my folks to celebrate Mothers' Day after I scored some GCs from Zomato the prior week. I think my parents already got the hang of my ~*~blogging~*~ as they always ask me to bring them somewhere new when there's an occasion. Since my mom loves Chinese food, she immediately said yes when I told her about Mandarin Palace eventhough she doesn't really like long car rides. Hahaha.

Fun fact: I've lived in the South for almost all of my life but I have never set foot in BF Homes in Paranaque. I've been to Kapitolyo countless of times but I've never dined anywhere near the foodie haven that is BF Homes.

So yes, we got a little bit lost going there. Hahaha. But after a few turns and asking for directions, we finally made it. And our tempers were flaring like the temperature that day, so we were really, really hungry when we found the place.

I was expecting to have a low key lunch with my parents since I assumed that this place is not that popular. But I was very wrong. By the time we got there, the parking's almost full and by the time we got inside, we were informed there was already a waiting list. I think we're 3rd on the list.

The restaurant was so busy. Shifting and moving bodies everywhere, non-stop food coming out and people chattering.

You can also tell that huge groups or families flock this resto because of the set-up of the place. Every table, I think, has at least the capacity for 6 people.

After waiting for a good 15 minutes, we were led to this room with one table unoccupied. It reminded me so much of Estero because the set-up was almost the same. It's like an upscale Estero.

On the table:

Prawn Hakaw
Black Gulaman
Buttered Chicken
Hot and sour soup
Steamed stuffed shrimp with bean curd
You can say we got a bit carried away with our hunger because there were only 3 of us and we ordered this much. Hahaha. Funny thing is that my folks both ordered a serving of congee and then still ordered rice. I originally wanted to order laksa that day but it seems I am always unfortunate in these type of things because it was not available.

The selection of food was really huge. There were a couple of pages to their menu. And I was somehow glad that all the food my parents wanted were available. The dishes I enjoyed the most are the dimsum (both hakaw and siomai), the buttered chicken (so garlicky good) and the stuffed shrimp with bean curd. Especially the last one, I think I'm the only one to finish the entire plate. For one, I really love shrimp; second, I have this ongoing obsession with tofu, especially the melt-in-your-mouth types. Haha.

My mom really loved the hot and sour soup, and quite frankly, I don't get it. I mean, it's okay but it's not really delicious in my opinion. I think it tastes weird, honestly. But to each his own, I guess. Hahaha.

By the time we were done eating, the place has mellowed down a bit. We didn't stay for dessert because I was really hoping to find Larcy's around the area (sadly, I didn't boohoo) or even just buy Eng Bee Tin's custard hopia which I crave for everyday of my life since I tasted it. Sadly, no dessert for me.

Service was quite slow for the other tables but that's not the case with ours! Hehe. There were times that our food got served earlier than those who were already there before us. I'm not really complaining because they did great job attending to us, but they still have to do something about that.

My mom really loved Mandarin Palace, she's already considering bringing some of her friends (LOL) there! She even looked forward the next time we're eating there! I do hope the laksa's available next time!

Mandarin Palace Seafood and Shabu-Shabu Restaurant is located at 140-142 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM Mondays thru Sundays
Contact Nos.: (02) 478-5420, (02) 478-5791 (You may want to make reservations especially on weekends)
You can view their full menu here.
Official Facebook Page
Official Website