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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast Kapitolyo

Original image from Pinasmuna.com.
Last year, I had the chance of eating at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast's Mandaluyong branch (read about it here) and I have looked forward to dining there again since that day.

Since then, I've read that Kanto Freestyle has opened 2 new branches in Libis and Kapitolyo, which was awesome news since it's nearer from where I work, plus I could now bring my friends to Kanto Freestyle and let them experience the affordable gourmet breakfast food that I've been babbling about!

After an exhausting Thursday shift from work, we decided to finally pay a visit Kanto Freestyle's Kapitolyo branch.

For one, this branch is waaaaaaaaaaay easier to find than the Mandaluyong branch. It's situated on the street in front of AsiaPro (LOL I've been there before). And I was silently thanking the higher powers that the dining area for this one's not along a friggin' street! I mean, I love the Mandaluyong branch and all, they serve kick-ass breakfast but if I could have a better dining experience (AKA not on the sidewalks), I'd definitely choose the option more comfortable.

Not too much people there that morning, yey! And the Eggs Benedict is finally available. The gods must be smiling down on us at that moment. I AM SO READY FOR BREAKFAST.

I went a little crazy and ordered all the things I wanted. Hahaha. But this time, I didn't order Spam or fish or the usual things I order for breakfast.

Kanto Eggs Benedict (PhP 95)
Because this is what I've always wanted to try in Kanto. Nice presentation! It was okay. Frankly, I've no comparison yet with eggs benedict because this is the second one I've tried (next to Maple's) and I think I got my money's value here more than the former. Even the potato wedges were yummy!

Mixed Berry Pancakes (PhP 99)
Muffet's pick. I've already had this before so I skipped it.

Bacon (PhP 20 per strip)
Because breakfast is even better with bacon! No other reason. Hahaha.

Fluffy Pancakes Topped with Chocnut & Goya Ganache (PhP 99)
Just thinking about this dish made me miss it already. Like I have this very bad longing for it right now. :( It's a stack of 3 pancakes with this chocolate ganache on top and sprinkled with Chocnut. I'm happy as a clam that I ordered this because this was just HELL YEAH I MADE THE BEST DECISION ORDERING THIS delicious. I can't believe that Goya ganache IT'S LIKE MAGIC!!! You like chocolates? YOU MUST TRY THIS. I kept telling Muffet over and over how I could live 'til I'm 100 just by eating this. Hahahaha.

Kesong Puti (PhP 15 per serving of 3)
Muffet likes her kesong puti so she automatically ordered this. This was such a surprise because I didn't expect it to be so good. As she said, it's not too salty and the pesto enhanced the flavors better. It's like a little cheese party in our mouths complete with confetti. Hahaha. If I could live everyday eating the pancakes with the chocolate ganache, this would be the food she could live off of everyday. Hehehe.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any photo with our food because we forgot we said we're supposed to have our photo taken because we were hungry like that~

I have nothing but good things to say about Kanto Freestyle Breakfast because, really, what is there to complain about? You definitely get your money's worth, everything is delicious and they know how to take care of their patrons.

I'll never get tired of saying Happy to be Kantofied! :)

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is located at 1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: (02) 400-2268
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 AM (According to their Instagram account)
Official Facebook Page
@kantobfast on Twitter
@kantobfast on Instagram

Other branches:

Mandaluyong: 549 San Joaquin Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City
Libis: Ground Floor Interpid Plaza, E. Rodriguez Jr., Libis, Quezon City
Marikina: Temporarily closed due to renovation