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This is Josh Radnor's directorial debut but I preferred to watch Liberal Arts first because this movie has such low ratings in Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. I decided to give this a shot last night because I loved Liberal Arts so much, I felt like there must be something worth watching in this film.

Radnor must really like the struggling 20-something story line because he played that character again (well, technically this is the first one he made, not Liberal Arts). I kind of lost interest at some parts because some were very cliche and pointless. The best example would be the way Radnor's character, Sam, met his love interest, Mississippi. And taking in a child he met at a subway for days! Who does that?! (Not going to put too much details in case you want to watch this.)

And as much as I love Zoe Kazan, her character in this movie was disposable. I feel a disconnect between her own story to the protagonist's story. It was as if her role was unnecessary. But I guess, a lot of people can relate to that type of struggle.

On the other hand, Sam's friendship with his alopecia-stricken bestfriend, Annie (played by Malin Akerman), was nice and very relatable from my perspective. Hahaha.

Eventhough the movie felt like just a collection of ~*~lessons you'd learn while you're in your twenty-somethings~*~, it still had it's charm. It's funny and quite enjoyable.

And there's still a few things I absolutely adored:
  • The scene where Kate Mara's character, Mississippi, tells Sam: "You write short stories, and I think you like living short stories. But I'm kind of ready for the novel, you know?" *rolls eyes* Cheesy, I know. But I liked it, what can I do?
  • When Annie recounts the time when she was in a cab and the Indian driver told her to be continuously grateful. That besides saying, "Thank you," always follow it up with "More please." I think that was just so positive and I might start adapting that in my life. Might.
  • Annie's second date with Sam #2. That scene was sooo good.
  • The scene pictured above. A friend once told me that I'm the 'We accept the love we think we deserve' type of person when I can have so much more. I used to say that it's not that I choose to be that way but she believes otherwise. And now, I do believe her. Hahaha.
  • The music.