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Warm beds and warmer mornings.

I choose the friendship. I choose the future. I choose to overthink. I choose to expect the worst. I choose not to participate. I choose to be safe. I choose to be around longer. I choose to overcome. I choose to just be here. I choose to never leave. I choose to fly. I choose to not fight.

Because I have learned that I had to look at the bigger picture. Because there are consequences. Because there's only one sure way on how things will end. Because people just want the best. Because I can't be what I want to be. Because people have certain expectations.

Because yes, I am the level headed one. I have always been the logical one. And no matter how I want to break loose, even just for one time, even just for a moment so I could feel alive and not give a fcuk about what other people think, I can't.

And with that, I choose to stand still.