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Naga 2013: Aguirangan Island

We went to this little island as part of our Naga-Legazpi tour, November, last year. I thought of putting this up here because I really miss going places right now. :(

Technically, Aguirangan Island is already a part of Camarines Sur, but to get there, you must go to Sabang Port in Naga City and then take a boat (we paid PhP 1,800; we were a group of 12) going to this paradise.

The weather's a bit gloomy when we went there but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

The entire island, which is also called the Rose Islet, is a hectare and a half stretch of fine sand and pulverized corals. There are no accommodations of any sort available (though there's a public restroom with a fee), just a row of cottages where you can stay while enjoying the sun and the water. You could bring a tent if you're planning to spend the night.

The place was our personal playground for the day. We had the island all to ourselves.

The waters surrounding the island were the perfect shade of turquoise. It was clear and evidently unspoiled (I think snorkeling and scuba diving are allowed). Dark clouds covered the mountains but everything looked picture perfect anyway. You know, in moments like these, I begin to think about nature and its marvels and the higher powers that created everything. How can you not?
After settling at one of the huts and preparing the food to be cooked, we roamed around the island and found out that there were mostly rock formations at the back part of the island.

We spent a good 30 minutes or so walking by the coastline and looking at different bits and pieces of corals and sea shells washed ashore.

I especially enjoyed our afternoon trip to Aguirangan Island because it was beach bumming to the truest sense. We had no other activities but just to swim and lay around and explore. The weather was perfect too. I read on some other blogs that there was actually some sort of vegetation in the middle of the island which we, unfortunately, were not able to check out.

If you're in the Bicol region or planning to go to Caramoan, don't forget to visit this lovely island. You'll definitely enjoy it. The island certainly has got some character that Boracay can't offer. :)

(Photos by me, Muffet Sta. Maria and Ian Manzon)
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