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Loops & Links


For last week's round-up of links:

1. 19 Everyday Situations That Are Impossibly Difficult For The Socially Awkward. Found myself laughing while reading this list because it's so spot on. Every one on the list. Most of my friends tell me I give the unapproachable vibe, so let me just say, it's not you, it's just me being me. Most of the time I just don't know what to do. Hahaha.

2. Rookie's Ask A Grown Man featuring Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich. I know I found this a year late but it's just pure win watching Thom and Nigel answering questions like 'How do you tell the boy you have a crush on that you have a crush on him?' talking about sparks and jolts, deodorant brands and Thom's eye. They gave very grown man advice, and you got to love the British humor! :)

3. Wes Anderson movie palettes.

4. The Fine Art Of Mixtape Seduction. Such an interesting, interesting read about mixtape making. I actually made mixes using cassette tapes way back but it's usually just for my listening pleasure. But I recently have been making mixes again but now using 8tracks. Everything on this article is so true. Haha. Mixtapes and their subliminal messages!

5. Stache Magazine's Final Issue. BUT WHY? :(

6. 9 Contestants Who Really Couldn’t Handle The Crystal Maze. Do you remember Crystal Maze? That awesome show from the 90s hosted by Richard O'Brien (somehow can't help but think of all the coats he wore on the show)? Here's some funny clips from the show featuring some contestants who couldn't really handle The Crystal Maze.