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Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant

Upon receiving an e-mail invite last week to Chef's Noodle Robinsons Magnolia branch's ribbon-cutting ceremony, I immediately responded with a yes. I love Korean food! Before, the first (and maybe only) thing that comes to mind when someone says Korean food is kimchi, but after working at Samsung for a while, I got exposed to dining at some authentic Korean spots which made me fall in love with the hearty, most of the times spicy cuisine.

What I found interesting about Chef's Noodle (after Google-ing) was that it appeared like a casual, fancy Korean restaurant. I've been to a couple of authentic Korean restaurants (apart from Bon Chon and Bulgogi Brothers) and I've never seen one that's looking so modern. Now, I'm really excited to try what they've got to offer.

It was my first time visiting Robinsons Magnolia (good thing it was a short trip from the office), and luckily found Chef's Noodle right away.

I'm totally smitten with the restaurant's interiors. I loved the yellow and black palette along with the wooden pieces of furniture. Also, I liked the fact that they didn't put paint on the right wall, which had these shelves that held some knick-knacks. It gave off a very modern, luxurious but laid back feeling. I thought it could even pass as a cafe because it somehow reminded me of Subspace. Whoever is responsible for designing the place deserves a gold medal. Hahaha.

Loops & Links

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Fresher and Tastier Zomato

Image from here.

At this day and age, everything seems to be at the touch of our fingertips. Movies, music, even food. Everything you need is most likely available online or through our smartphones.

If you're someone who's made it a personal mission to try out different restaurants every time you're eating out or looking for healthy options because you're quitting fast food (ehem, like me), you must be familiar with food guide/restaurant guide websites and smartphone apps like Spot.ph, Munchpunch, ClickTheCity and looloo.

Last year, I found about Zomato through some Google ads and decided to download the app and join. I thought I could do more of on-the-go food reviews here but after posting 3 reviews, I stopped using Zomato just because I don't feel like it anymore. I felt like it's the same big food bloggers that are posting reviews, just a different outlet. Also, the interface of their app before was not that appealing.

I got an e-mail from my friend, CJ, last week asking me if I want to tag along with him for a meeting with Zomato's Sarah Buendia. Of course I was interested. It's been a while since I've used my Zomato app and it would be nice to hear something new about them.

Here's a list I compiled of the things I like about the new Zomato website and app, and some suggestions:


1. It's no longer a walled garden.

Walled garden is the Internet term when a website needs you to sign up or log in first before you can explore it. Even though I already have an account with them because I have their app, it's nice to know that the desktop website of Zomato is no longer a closed platform. Now, everybody can do quick searches.

2. More users.
There's a significant increase in the number of users of Zomato since the last time I checked. At least it's not dominated anymore solely by the already famous food bloggers in the Philippines. Reviews are more diverse, I can even find reviews of some relatively unknown hole-in-the-wall spots!

3. Improved Zomato widget

The new widget definitely looks exponentially better than the old one though this still needs some improvement. I like that they turned the white, rectangular awkward looking widget into this, a sleeker one but I think they should replace the background with just a solid color as opposed to a blown-up blurred version of the user's default photo.

4. A more 'social' layer

When you open the app, there's 4 tabs that will show: Search, Nearby, Feed and Profile.

For the Search tab, you can input whatever you want be it a specific dish, a restaurant, a cuisine. If you're feeling random, you can just tap the preset filters and suggestions will be given to you according to your location.

Same goes for the Nearby tab. It will automatically give you all  the nearest restaurants via geolocation. Zomato currently has listings of Metro Manila and Tagaytay restaurants. I am in Bacoor, Cavite as of writing, so the app is showing its nearest known restaurants which are in Talon Dos in Las Pinas.

The Feed tab, pretty much like Facebook's News Feed, shows the recent activity of the other people you follow. Photos (yes, they now allow photo uploads!), reviews or other recommendations. Mine's empty as of the moment since I haven't been active in Zomato and haven't followed anyone yet.

Lastly, the Profile tab which showcases your information, recent activity and statistics. They also have this 'Foodie Levels' and network rank that increases everytime you post a review, gain a certain number of followers or post a food photo. I think this has always been a feature of Zomato and it's great to keep foodies interested and active.

You can now also set a Zomato handle or username so your Zomato URL can be easily remembered or searching for your profile in the app is hassle-free.

Breakfast at AK Bistro

Image from Walk and Eat (because mine was an epic fail)
As what Pepper.ph said in their write up about AK Bistro, "The only thing better than breakfast, we think, is one that you don’t have to pay for." I totally agree. 

Breakfast and the comfort it brings always had a good hold on me, so when they announced a contest with a prize of a free breakfast, I couldn't resist joining. The only thing we had to do was upload a photo of what best depicts your perfect morning. Fortunately, I had a blog post here before fittingly titled Perfect Mornings which had a photo of how my day started. I posted it and luckily for me, I won. :)

Now, there's something better than free breakfast and that's having free breakfast with your bestfriend. Apparently, she also joined the contest and won, too!

Located in the posh business district of One Rockwell in Makati, this restaurant (from the people behind Angels' Kitchen in Connecticut St., Greenhills) welcomes you with a modern but comfortable and homey ambiance. Wooden panels and furniture, and a color palette of brown, beige and white provided that cozy feel to the place.

One side showcases their bottled pasta sauces and other baked goodies as well as their famous bottled products such as the lemon garlic tinapa and adobong tuyo.

The second level of AK Bistro is even more charming. The wall by the staircase has been painted with this quote by Ina Garten of the famous American cooking show, The Barefoot Contessa, which by the way, has always been one of my favorite programs in The Food Network.

Walking On Eggshells

Once upon a time, there was a boy who held my heart. The memory of how he possessed it is already so distant and fuzzy, but I knew it didn't start with the most intelligent conversations, or silent stares, or uncomfortable pauses, or coaxing, or fluttering, irregular heartbeats. He had it for s…

Naga 2013: Aguirangan Island

We went to this little island as part of our Naga-Legazpi tour, November, last year. I thought of putting this up here because I really miss going places right now. :(

Technically, Aguirangan Island is already a part of Camarines Sur, but to get there, you must go to Sabang Port in Naga City and then take a boat (we paid PhP 1,800; we were a group of 12) going to this paradise.

The weather's a bit gloomy when we went there but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

The entire island, which is also called the Rose Islet, is a hectare and a half stretch of fine sand and pulverized corals. There are no accommodations of any sort available (though there's a public restroom with a fee), just a row of cottages where you can stay while enjoying the sun and the water. You could bring a tent if you're planning to spend the night.

The place was our personal playground for the day. We had the island all to ourselves.

Arbitrary Theory


I am your beloved bed that's unmade,
stale from sunshine and yesternight's sweat,

And you, my dear, have always been my favorite run-on sentence,
fused but definitely flawed.
This and the future still terrifies me.

This Week's Recap // 3

We're half way through the month and can I just say that April's been amazing so far. I'm having a blast thus, less time in front of my laptop to blog about these things. But I'm pretty sure it's going to happen one of these days (I have too much stuff already in my drafts), if…

GK Enchanted Farm Bloggers' Weekend

From the GK Enchanted Farm Facebook Page:
The GK Enchanted Farm is organizing a free weekend for bloggers! If you like writing about beautiful stories, interesting ideas and inspiring movements on your blog then you are more than welcome to join us either on the April 26-27 or May 17-18 weekends. Y…

Warm beds and warmer mornings.

I choose the friendship. I choose the future. I choose to overthink. I choose to expect the worst. I choose not to participate. I choose to be safe. I choose to be around longer. I choose to overcome. I choose to just be here. I choose to never leave. I choose to fly. I choose to not fight.


Something infinitely interesting

My biggest fear will be the rescue of me / Strange how it turns out that way

Favorite Things #22

1. Beautiful breakfasts 2. Trying out another friend's recipe... 3. And actually turning out good. :) 4. Stories/storeys over hot milk 5. Sriracha! 6. Cute automatic chopsticks 7. Distressed cupcakes from Singapore. Haha. 8. Trying out a typewriter... 9. And creating something out of it.