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Truth Thursdays: I Wish You Would Say

Most days, there's nothing more I wish you'd say than, "It's all in your head."

Because most probably, it is. But there are times when I tend to blur the lines. If we have the ability to permit another person to access what's on our minds for short periods of time, I would gladly let you. In the finite parameters where we exist, somehow, I wish you could actually see through me and tell me what you think about all my thoughts. But then again, letting you in risks letting you know everything, and honestly, I can't do that. It's one consequence I don't think I can handle.

It's all in your head. It's something reaffirming, something concrete, yet not that crushing. It validates something but comes off more of a shrug. Those words have weight that'll tug my heart but I'll eventually let go. It sounds like some random comment one would've made in passing and we could move forward to another topic of conversation. It makes something not much a big of a deal.

Though those words would relieve me of all this ruminating, I'd rather not you have it say it anyway. Because that just means one thing. And honestly, I would never ever want to come to that point.

So for now, I'd just say it to myself until such a time that it makes complete sense.

Yes, it's all in your head.

This post is in response to Truth Thursdays' previous prompt, I Wish You Would Say. Truth Thursdays exists to connect people through writing, to initiate something honest, thoughtful and meaningful. If you want to know more about Truth Thursdays and how to be a part of it, read here.