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Baguio 2013: Ketchup Food Community

To conclude blogging about our first trip to Baguio last year, I've consolidated the last 2 days because the highlight of those days were eating at Ketchup Food Community (also, seeing Peso Movement perform at Nostalgia Bar. Heeeeheee.)

(Backtrack: Day 1: Glenn 50's Diner, Tam-Awan Village, ZOLA Cafe)
(Backtrack: Day 2: Cafe by the Ruins, Oh My Gulay, Harrison Road night market, Pizza Volante)

I didn't know about Ketchup until it was suggested to us by Muffet's friends. I haven't been to Baguio for so long, I honestly had no idea where to go or what place to try. We had a standing rule last year that we had to always try something new in terms of the place where we would eat. So when Ketchup was brought to our attention, we immediately went there the next day.

It was described to us as a sort of a food court, a cluster of different restaurants, each with different cuisines to offer.

Rumah Sate (Indo-Malay Cuisine)

We figured we'd try Rumah Sate first because we all haven't sampled Indonesian cuisine. We really loved the vibe of the place. There were three what appears to be rain catchers (not really sure) and wooden furniture. What I love was their ceiling which was covered with what I assume was a bunch of vibrant colored Batik and the light was hanging in the middle of it. Very nice touch.
Sate Bandeng (PhP 150)
Since it was our first time eating Indo-Malay food, we had a lot of questions. Like how spicy was the food, how big are the servings, etc. So glad the staff serving us was patient and answered all our queries. Hehehe.

If I remember correctly, Ian and I ordered the same thing (Sate Bandeng)and Muffet had the Sate Udang Skewer (prawns) but I never got to take a photo of it. Sate Bandeng is grilled boneless milkfish with coconut cream served with rice and sides of anchovies, tomatoes and cucumber. I'm not fond of spicy food (at least before, but being surrounded by friends who likes all kinds of chili somehow changed things) but anything with coconut cream, I'll gladly eat. But it's not just plain spicy, you can taste earthy flavors too because of the herbs.

Also, Ketchup Food Community allows cross-ordering. Meaning you could also order from the other 4 restaurants in case you're curious and interested to try just a few items.

Red Velvet Cheesecake (PhP 95 per slice / PhP 800 for a whole cake)
And since Ian and I are both sucker for desserts, we ordered Canto's Red Velvet Cake, as recommended by the folks at Rumah Sate. Can I just say how much we enjoyed this? The cream cheese was really, really good and overall presentation was really inviting!

Rancho Norte

For our last day in Baguio, we came back to Ketchup and had our late lunch at Rancho Norte. How the restaurant was made was really good, it's got that outdoor vibe and I just love the cohesiveness of the color brown all throughout. Out of the 5, Rancho Norte was the only one to offer an al fresco dining. You'd really enjoy it except when it's raining or even just drizzling.

On their menu was usual Filipino favorites and some exotic dishes as well.

Crispy Sisig Meal (PhP 148)
Tapang Usa Meal (PhP 128)
Upon knowing that bagnet was the meat in the Crispy Sisig, that's what I ordered. It may look a bit like a heart attack on a plate but it was really, really good. The pork was crispy and flavorful (and fatty haha) and the bits of fried onion and chopped pepper gave it a zing. I have to commend that the serving was also quite big! The Crispy Sisis Meal is also served with a choice of Rancho Iced Tea (iced tea with pineapple chunks), cold Red Tea, Gulaman or Brewed Coffee.

I don't think I tried the Tapang Usa because I was too happy with my crispy bagnet. Ian found it juicy and really tasty, nothing too different from usual meat. By the way, the Tapang Usa Meal is under their breakfast meals thus the inclusion of egg (choice of salted or fried). What he was raving about was the Guyabano Shake. It was so refreshing. He loves it so much he calls it the Guyabano Fucking Shake. Hahaha. Just to emphasize how much he enjoyed it.

This is one of the best meals I had in Baguio. Because I really liked the food I had and the ambiance of the place. I do hope their bibingka would be available next time though.

We're really glad we're able to try Ketchup Food Community during our stay. We can't stop raving about it when we went back home the next day. We even recommended it to our friends who were planning to go to Baguio. Actually, when we went back to Baguio to celebrate my birthday, we had dinner here at Rancho Norte again!

This post made me miss Baguio even more. I am so smitten by the place, I don't mind moving there. Hahaha. Definitely looking forward to going back again this year with my friends. Hopefully, we'll get to try Happy Tummy (though it's last on the list because they have a branch here in Manila), Green Pepper and Canto's ribs! Yum!

Ketchup Food Community is located at Romulo Drive, Pacdal, Baguio City
(right beside another branch of Pizza Volante, directly in front of Wright Park)
Official Facebook Page
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM - 09:00 PM