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Loops & Links


Here's a round up of a few links I've enjoyed reading this week for your procrastinating pleasure:

1. If you enjoy looking at beautiful photographs and reading beautiful words, here's Polaroid Stories.

2. If you're curious as to which '90s Alt-Rock Grrl you are (because I was), take the test here. Hahaha.
And this is what I got:
Oh, and if you're a dude, try this one.

3.  If at one point you feel like you're never on the same page with the people you consider your closest friends, maybe you've outgrown them. And that's okay. I agree!

4. I really cannot remember why this Thought Catalog article was in my browser bookmarks until I read the first line:
"I’m a chaser. I chase people. Some people call it endearing, because I always see the best in people, I always want them to be their better selves..."
5. If you're a fan of Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express, you'll like this: (click on the photo!)

Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of: Music and the Future in Wong Kar-wai’s Chungking Express
6. Lastly, here's a heartwarming short about Omelette the dog by Madeline Sharafian: <3
(Grabbed from Jooley Shen's opiumtwin)