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Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Last Monday, I was fortunate to be invited over to Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant's third branch in the Philippines, in the new East Wing of Shangri-La Mall.

Before, I wasn't really a big fan of Japanese food. I think I've already mentioned a couple of times that all I knew about Japanese cuisine were the tonkatsus and karaages. But recently, I sort of grew fond over Japanese food and found myself enjoying sashimi (oh, salmon <3), gyoza and hefty bowls of hot ramen.

So I did not let this opportunity pass so I can know more about Japanese cuisine. Also, I loved the fact that the new branch is located at Shang's East Wing. We've already tried a couple of restaurants there and I must say that, that place is a haven for people who love good food!

Upon seeing the resto, the words posh and sleek immediately came to mind. It wasn't traditional Japanese interiors but you know it's an Asian restaurant because of the touches of color red and some oriental accents here and there. It certainly looked and felt like it's at the high end of the spectrum as opposed to just 'casual' but it still had that relaxed ambiance that makes you want to invite friends over and just chill the day away. I was greeted by their staff with smiles and was led to where I could be seated.

I do not know much about Watami (like it's really a super well-known restaurant in Japan and has 700 branches!) but I went anyway because I was really looking forward to have an amazing gastronomical experience, Japanese way.
They served us our choice of lunch set* which they were showcasing that day. I was expecting something fresh, tasty and authentic.

Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy's definitely has a lot of tricks under their sleeve as they bring to their Philippine stores the popular and buzzed about Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger!

First, there was the Bacon Mushroom Melt that's a childhood favorite, then came the Baconator which was a personal favorite before. Now…

Favorite Things #20

1. My bed on weekend mornings. 2. Little sweet treats! 3. My long (sometimes wavy but most times dry) hair 4. Acknowledgments and appreciation. :) 5. Steve. 6. Improvements. (But we may have spoken too soon. Hahaha.)

Now Playing: James Iha - Be Strong Now

You see, the thing she believes is life is bittersweet if she'd open up to me And its the only thing she dreams,
You gotta believe
You've got to be strong now
And if I come and hold you now
You've got to be strong now

Quick Bites

Yang Chow's Hakaw. Post Valentine's Day celebration was at this Chinese restaurant near our house in Cavite. Being the lover of those plump shrimps encased in soft dough that I am, I had to order hakaw (or hakao). Yang Chow's version was okay for its price.

Mad Mark's Creamery & …

Baguio 2013: Day 2

In continuing my attempts to completely blog about our travel to Baguio last year, here's what went down on our second day of stay there:

(Backtrack: Day 1: Glenn 50's Diner, Tam-Awan Village, ZOLA Cafe)

What we really wanted to do in Baguio was just to chill. Just go around the city without any pressure to be anywhere on a specific time. We did not plan to go the places frequented by most people (the likes of The Mansion, Botanical Garden, Strawberry Farm, etc.) and we (I especially) just want to go on food trips. On our second day, boy, we really did binge eat. Hahaha.

It's such a drag waking up early in the morning in Baguio. You just want to stay in bed all day, read books and just get up to get your daily caffeine fix. But, of course, that was not the kind of chill we had in mind.

First stop for the day was Cafe by the Ruins for brunch.

Sadly, my previous Baguio trips with my family didn't include Cafe by the Ruins. We were always a big group so my uncles and aunts would usually cook food instead of eating out. Ian was raving about this place so I was really eager to try their food.

(After the cut: Oh My Gulay, Harrison Road night market, Pizza Volante)

Arbitrary Theory

Seriously. Just don't.

You looking at me like that isn't really helping.

Amour Est Une Salope: A Valentine's Day Playlist

The past week had been a busy one, and although I bet this coming week wouldn't be that busy, *cough* Valentine's *cough* I posted this playlist early because I might forget because I will be swamped with work for the days ahead.

Happy Hearts Day, everyone. :)

1 // Bloc Party - Sund…

Loops & Links

Here's a round up of a few links I've enjoyed reading this week for your procrastinating pleasure:

1. If you enjoy looking at beautiful photographs and reading beautiful words, here's Polaroid Stories.

2. If you're curious as to which '90s Alt-Rock Grrl you are (…

Food Guide: Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

If there's an area where I'd like to frequent more, it's definitely Maginahawa Street in Teachers Village, Quezon City. It reminds me a lot of Kapitolyo in Pasig, laid back specialty restaurants and cafe each with different themes and offerings. It's like it's always a mini-adv…

Celeste and Jesse Forever

I went on a binge downloading of movies this weekend and I managed to successfully download and watch 5 films: Liberal Arts, Smashed, Electrick Children, this and Blue is the Warmest Color (which are all super great by the way). Celeste and Jesse Forever, for me, is the type of movie that just kno…