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Skhizein by Jérémy Clapin

After being struck by a meteorite, Henry wakes up and finds out he's now living 91 centimeters from himself. Yes, an odd situation he suddenly found himself in. Imagine going about your daily routine: answering the phone, peeing, looking out the window, etc. and you have to place yourself 91 centimeters away from where you would normally be. He tries his best to cope with this new life he had, with the short film opening with the scene Henry talking to his psychologist.

'91 centimeters from himself' already got me intrigued to watch the film, and I was really curious as to how went about his life. It was such a unique and strange concept but in a way, there are circumstances where we will find ourselves in the same spot where Henry is--just not physically of course. I felt that the animation had a sadness to it but was very, very compelling.

And my heart sank a little when I heard the line, "So, there was no actual damage after all, is that right?"