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Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place

Once in a while, you find yourself in a dark place. But life has this silly way of knocking some sense into you and tell you, "Hey, stupid! You have the greatest friends and... breakfast. So cheer up!" That's exactly what happened. Well, not literally but my friends were just uber awesome, we're not supposed to eat out that day but we did. And surprise, surprise, they chose an all-day breakfast spot that was quite far from our office. (Considering it's the middle of the work week and Ian has to go home to Cavite.) I love them to bits. I was really touched. Haha.

I first knew about Ally's through Helga's post about their food. She wasn't really thrilled about the food that they ordered but I have faith on their pancakes. Or anything else on their menu that Helga didn't order. Hehehe.

We got there with the help of Google Maps (but the pointer was about a corner away from the actual spot). Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place is a hole-in-the-wall nook with happy, sunshine-y colors which probably can accommodate 25 people. Ally's is to Malingap Street as Milky & Sunny is to Kapitolyo. There were also other food joints in the area: Uncle Moe's Shawarma Hub, π Breakfast and Pies, Pino and Pipino.

There were a lot of choices on their menu -- rice meals, crepes, pancakes, appetizers, french toasts and a wide selection of beverages!

On the table:

Bagnet Liempo! I love breakfast but not the cereal-fruits-swig of orange juice kind. I like my breakfast big and satisfying. Eggs must always be present! So, my friends already predicted that I would be going for this one. I forgot how much this is (maybe around PhP 200 - PhP 300?), I can't seem to find this dish on their menu posted on the Internet. I should maybe tell them next time not to make it too crispy because I still like my liempo juicy and tender. But this was really just too dry, and this is more of liempo and really less of bagnet. Nevertheless, the serving was really big!

Charm's pick was this Lucban Longganisa Meal (PhP 150). I never got a photo of Ian's choice which was like a fish type of longganisa, and Muffet's, which was the adobo flakes meal, I think. Everybody else seemed to be happy with their food, especially Ian.

And since Ally's had DIY pancakes, WE HAD TO TRY IT.
You will be given a small piece of paper which contains all the components in making your customized pancakes or waffles. Just tick away and they will whip it up for you. The choices of toppings were just crazy! (Nutella! Dulce de leche! Cream cheese! Yay!) Here are our creations:

Charm's Simple Beauty (cream cheese and whipped cream), Muffet's Muffer (blueberries, cream cheese and whipped cream) and Ian's Bloody Fuckin' Pancakes (strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, strawberry syrup and almonds). 

My Leader pancake. Hahaha. The name of my creation came from an inside joke we friends have. I just had to commemorate that day by naming it as such. Hahaha. Two pancakes topped with cream cheese, peaches, walnuts, crushed Graham crackers, and some maple syrup. I'm pretty happy with what I've made (refreshing, soft peaches combined with the walnuts' crunch) although I was expecting the cream cheese to be somewhat in between the pancakes and generously spread but instead it was drizzled on top.

I love breakfast and I cannot lie.

From our looks on this photo, yes, we were happy with our newest breakfast place discovery! I'm glad they now open early in the morning. Because before, they opened 10 AM which somehow totally defeats the purpose of being a breakfast place, but then again, they serve it all day. Haha.

Food was good, service was great and their location was relatively easy to find. We always like places that have that cozy and relaxed ambiance and offer affordable selections! Definitely coming back to try their french toasts and hashbrowns.

Cheers to more food discoveries, the best kind of friends and sunny mornings! :)

Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place is located at 50 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Contact No.: +63 906 444 3878
Operating Hours: 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Official Facebook Page