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Weekend Escape: Boracay

Finally was able to sink my feet in the fine white sands of Boracay! My family and I went there for a short vacation a week ago. It was really a great way to cap off my travels this year, and I loved spending time with my folks. I have to say that my wanderlust has been thoroughly fed this year, I went to so many places and Boracay was the icing on my travel cake.

Boracay was really beautiful, but I got to be honest, the roads leading there are not so picturesque. I remember Sabang Beach in Palawan and Pagudpud in Ilocos. Those are my favorites!

Here are some photos I took during the trip. There aren't really many because my phone kept on dying on me and my charger is busted. :(
I managed to get us plane tickets to Kalibo (so hard to get Caticlan tickets!) last May. I thought the December 6 weekend would be the perfect choice of dates but unfortunately all the Christmas parties we're supposed to attend were scheduled on that weekend. Hahaha.

My mom booked us at 357 Boracay for our 3-day stay. 357 is located at Station 3, which I think is the most laid back area. Not much night life happened there as far as I know, just some bossa nova gigs a few blocks from us, which is just fine with me. My mom and dad just really wanted a few days off from their corporate lives and enjoy the sand and the sea.

We got 2 rooms which were really well-maintained. Their staff is really, really courteous, too. They attended to every request we had. Not much people were staying at 357 during our trip. The people from 357 told us that a week prior our stay, they were fully booked. I guess it was because of the Thanksgiving holiday?

Pretty much ate my weight during our stay there. Hahaha.
On our second day at Boracay, we opted to go island hopping. And I discovered that I have motion sickness. The waves were a little bit strong that day and I would always get dizzy when the boat comes to a stop. I hated every minute of it. We went to Crocodile Island first (no crocodiles, just that the shape of the island looked like a crocodile) and snorkled. 

I wanted to try Helmet Diving but the weather was being a bitch so we skipped that. We just spent the afternoon swimming dipping ourselves in the sea. My mom enjoyed it more when it began to rain. :)

Went around D Mall that afternoon to buy stuff and have dinner, we also attended mass. We ended up eating at the Korean restaurant, Cook ( I really loooove Korean food!) and I finally learned how to use chopsticks. Thank the higher powers! Still no expert but I'm getting there. And I finally had the time to read that Haddon book while sipping an Oreo frappuccino~

The next morning, after breakfast, I managed to snap a few photos before leaving. We had to leave early because we had to catch a bus going to Caticlan and the travel would take around 2 hours. Yeah, it sucks to leave early.

A friend asked me to write his initial on the sand while I'm in Boracay. I figured I'd use shells instead. :)

Unfortunately, no sunset photos because there was an overcast for the entire 3 days. Also, since Typhoon Yolanda, there has been black outs in the island. There was no electricity during afternoons and generators are used in the evening until morning. Boracay has not been affected as much as Tacloban, but it had quite an impact on their electricity.

Super thankful for the opportunity to go to a new place and spend it with my family. :)

If you want to book a reservation at 357 Boracay, here's their details:

Booking Office: 4/F Holy Angels Place, 9460 Baticulin Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines 1200
Tel. Nos.: (632) 899-1943 to 44
Fax No.: (632) 897-7442
Mobile No.: (0922) 831-2348
Email Address: 357boracay@gmail.com

Official Website: http://www.357boracay.com