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When another week approaches its end, I keep telling myself I would blog about it. But recently, that almost never happened. Blogging is not a job and my blog is definitely not a source of income. Nobody requires me to post x number of entries a week, neither am I in any sort of deadline. I blog because it's something that I've done growing up (well, writing at journals since I was in Grade 5 then blogging come year 2004) and I've always loved documenting what happens in my life as much as possible.

The past few months I've taken a break from blogging about food and focused more on personal entries. Ian even referred to it as my "emo shit" posts. Hahaha. I have been to so many places and met so many people these past 3 months, I've always had this mental note of blogging about it. But I never got to. Muffet once told me it's because I'm actually living a life this time, that my time is actually consumed by activities happening in real life and not just by sitting in front of the computer writing and recounting how things happened.

For the most parts, I realized, that yes, she's right. Most parts. Weekends are spent watching gigs, attending music festivals, hanging out with friends and there's nothing left to do when I get home but sleep. I'm not complaining because I enjoy every minute of it. I am too tired of all the drama, it's really nice to have my peace and quiet.

Another reason is that I found it hard to think of pleasant things when I was not feeling very pleasant at all. After all, there's a reason for the change in lifestyle, right? It's hard to describe how something tastes like when your mind is too tired to think of adjectives. I needed a little shake in this dormant life I live.

After a few months, things are so much better. I am very thankful for everything that happened, for the people that stuck with me and the unforgettable experiences. I am getting there.

Now, let's get back to regular programming, shall we?