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Quick Bites: Fourth Quarter Finds

For the last 3 months, most of my food adventures were swept under the rug. I was such a procrastinator, I ended not blogging about food at all. Believe me, I try 9 times out of 10 but I always end up doing something else. 

Here's a few of them that accumulated since last October that I thought of sharing:

Slice's Red Velvet Cheesecake. So far, the best red velvet cheesecake that I've tasted though it's too red that it almost appears not natural.

Early Bird Breakfast Club's Butterbeer. Name says beer but there's actually no alcohol in this drink. It's actually cream soda mixed with honey, topped with whipped cream, little marshmallows and caramel tuile. Really very good!

Wabi-Sabi's Shoyu Ramen. It's healthy (Wabi-Sabi is a vegetarian restaurant) and it's a burst of flavors in a bowl. It's gives you that warm, hearty feeling plus it is also filling. Haha. You will not miss the photo wall they also have, it's kinda funny. Also, please try their Lemongrass Iced Tea. It was very refreshing and delicious.

Slice's Sir Francis M. Bacon Cupcake. It's a bacon cupcake. I thought it was made for me because that's the two best things in existence that makes all the problem go away. HELLO? It's a bacon cupcake. Well, being it a combination of my 2 favorite things, I expected a party in my mouth. But it's not. It was a trap. I'm happy to have tasted it once but certainly not a favorite.

Pagliacci's Carpaccio di Manzo. I don't eat raw food. And I don't know why I even ordered this dish when we visited Pagliacci. Surprisingly, it was really good. The beef is actually mixed with lemon, arugula (I love arugula!) and shaved Parmesan cheese. It worked and it tasted delicious! The lemon added an acidic kick but not too overwhelming, the Parmesan cheese kind of ties it all together along with the earthy flavors of the arugula.

Torch's Smoked JabaƱero Glazed Salmon. There are times when I don't want to eat anything but seafood, sometimes it's Bicol Express, sometimes it's Jollibee's Palabok. On this particular visit to Torch, I craved for salmon eventhough I had salmon for lunch (haha). This was sooooo good. I can eat it everyday. The sauce was perfect, the salmon was perfect, the mango salsa on the side was perfect. Just perfect.

Sweet Bella Cafe's Macarons. I'm not a big fan of their flavors. I thought it was overpriced for PhP 60 a piece. I've had better macarons for less! But I'll be sure to try the Salted Caramel one because I've read that, that's their best seller.

Early Bird Breakfast Club's Puto Bumbong Pancake. It's amazing that they thought of translating the Christmas favorite, puto bumbong, into a pancake. Genius. We went to EBBC for Muffet's birthday breakfast and decided to try this out. I loved the colors, a nice pop of purple and red! It tasted really good, somewhere in between being sticky (like that of the real thing) and fluffy! Very christmas-y. Hehe. The coconut whipped cream made it taste like almost the real thing!