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Loops & Links


1. Before Sunset was my favorite out of the Before trilogy. I found website that features this map of all the locations Jesse and Celine went to when they met again after 9 years. (There's also one for both Sunrise and Midnight.) Definitely doing a tour of these places one day. DEFINITELY.

The image above is my favorite scene out of the movie. The one where Celine was testing if Jesse was going to dissolve into molecules. I love the fact that the whole movie happened in that remaining hour or so before Jesse's flight back to the States. It's like that thing he was talking about, writing a book that took place within a pop song, no?

2. When I find something nice to listen to, I latch on to it for a long time. So it's nice to find a website like Did.You Hear The New Mixtape. I listen to some songs from each month's mixtape, pick a favorite and research more about the artist. Still looking for a favorite though.

3. Here's some nice read about Lisa Frank. And by nice I mean it's lengthy and worth the read. Not necessarily a nice story. I never really knew what happened with all the unicorns and rainbows and stars and hearts. Click here if you're as curious as me or move along if you don't care.

4. Breakfast with Strangers. I love the thought that someone thought about doing this. I think it's just a lovely to share a meal with a stranger and just talk about the little things and big things. And somehow break the stigma that strangers are automatically dangerous. Sometimes, you just need a hearty meal and a good conversation to turn a stranger into a friend.