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I was thinking of putting up another Christmas wishlist that no one ever reads (I know that for a fact because people never get me anything from my list! Don't get me wrong, I love their gifts but it would be great if people took time to read my list haha) but I thought why not a list of New Year's resolutions instead.

I never make resolutions because I'm bad at keeping them. And I think my only resolution every year is to lose weight but... yeah. You know how that went. But then I woke up this morning and realized it's a day before Christmas and 7 days until a new year unfolds, maybe I should scratch the wishlist that nobody pays attention to and make a list of things that I want to do for myself.

So, here it goes:

1. I will not get involved with somebody who just broke up with their girlfriend or somebody that's in a relationship that's about to end. (Because a, how it starts is how it ends; and b, look where that got you. This is also a resolution that would apply to every year remaining in my life.)

2. I will not get involved with somebody that has a girlfriend. (Because a, DUH it's wrong; b, it's a complicated, hot bowl of mess; and c, LOOK WHERE THAT GOT YOU! Again, year 2014 until forever resolution.)

3. I will always think twice about my decisions because, obviously, I don't make the best choices in life. And my head seems to not function at certain times. (Like when I get to know someone that's totally not right and he's all ten shades of complicated but my savior complex kicks in and I feel like this person needs my help and we end up tangled with each other and feel like we had the ~right love at the wrong time~ because timing is ALWAYS a bitch, and they end up breaking my heart and changing me 4EVER.)

4. I will shed a few pounds. Okay, a lot of pounds. OKAY.

5. I will be a less boring person. Boring is my middle name and I hate it.

6. I will take care of myself better. I should take care of myself better. Last year, I didn't. I'm not getting any younger so self, please take care of yourself better.

7. Everyday, I will have to try harder.

8. I will start conversations. #greatestselfchallenge2014

9. Start (and finish!) a personal project.

10. I will get a passport and travel out of the country.

11. I will stop using living in Cavite as an excuse not to make it to events.

Keeping one promise is hard enough, let's see how I'll fare with 9 11. Hahaha. The past years have been absolutely wonderful, 2013 is not an exception. I'll try my very best to make 2014 even better. :)

Cheers to keeping promises! Cheers to the new year! Oh, and Merry Christmas, too!


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