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Half A Serving of Sulking

Original image by Brock Davis

Today started with a very sunny morning but I felt like it had been raining non-stop.

God, I'm too tired.

As I'm gearing up for what I expect to be a beautiful weekend, some things just wouldn't quit to ruin everything. I had a rule before that when I don't want to remember something in the long run, I wouldn't write about it. It actually works because I have a terrible memory so there are some parts of my life that now seem very vague to me, all I remember are little flashbacks.

So why am I writing about this now? Well, my head's filled up with too much thoughts and I have to tone down my inner monologue. I hope it's not too weird that I talk to myself inside my head, no? Haha. What's funny is while all this commotion is happening and I desperately wanted to talk to someone, I thought of this one person which, I was pretty much convinced, would know the right words to tell me and would understand exactly how I feel. But because I know these are all just assumptions, that person would find it really weird when all of a sudden I bared all my emotions and ~feelings~ to him/her. That would have made my morning funnier. Hahaha.

But did you ever feel like you're a walking, breathing example of a cliche? Because I do. Right now. The only consolation with all of this is that I ended up having a better taste in music. I feel like what's been happening to me is a perfect material for soap operas and tragic love stories. Eeww.

I just wish everything is not a fucking process. Sometimes, I even wish that Lacuna, Inc. is real. Things would have been so easy. I bet people would be lining up like it's the new cronuts.

Honestly, I just want to rant and curse and tell the world all the hate that I feel but I won't do that. Nope. Because I'm a classy lady. Hahaha. I just want to spill a little bit here because I feel like my head is going to burst. I'll just sulk the day away. I just want a tub of ice cream and watch my favorite movies all day long. I want a pen and Post-its on hand so I could scribble down my favorite quotes and stick it at my bedroom wall. I want unlimited Tanduay Ice within arm's reach and super fast Internet connection while I'm lying on my bed. I want to read those books I've yet to read (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is taking me forever ugh) and not be disturbed. I want to be lost in my imagination.

I don't want to write about this anymore, I want to write about food again and my travels and about new people. And maybe that personal project that Muffet suggested.

One day, Patricia. One day. And I know when that day comes, I would just be laughing at this post.