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Half A Serving of Sulking

Today started with a very sunny morning but I felt like it had been raining non-stop.

God, I'm too tired.

As I'm gearing up for what I expect to be a beautiful weekend, some things just wouldn't quit to ruin everything. I had a rule before that when I don't want to remember somethi…

Truth Thursdays: I Have To Say No To

Dear you,

I look at you and I tell myself, "Here we go again."

*long exasperated sigh*

I must have a convoluted subconscious. I look at you. You are properly labeled, you come with disclaimers and warnings like those pamphlets inside boxes of cough syrups. You were so much like them but …

Make your weekend count!

It's payday weekend for most of you people, and if you really want to make your weekend count and do something worthwhile, here are a few events happening that you could attend to extend your help to the Yolanda/Haiyan survivors.

Some people ask, "Why not just donate?" Let's admit…

Feed The Need: Dine Out For A Cause #YolandaPH

If you're planning to eat out this week, here's a suggestion: dine at these restaurants/establishments, they are allocating their profits (all or a portion) to help our fellow countrymen affected by the super typhoon, Yolanda. Please do visit their corresponding links for more information.

Project Pie Philippines

Photo from TheMommist.com

I first knew about Project Pie when we were on the way home to Makati from Kanto Freestyle Breakfast a few months back. We passed by it, and it got me really curious. A new place brimming with people. I really liked the black and white facade too. We already had the DIY burgers courtesy of BRGR Project, and now, DIY pizza? Sounds good to me!

I've never heard of Project Pie prior to that but after a quick Google search, I've read that it originated from San Diego, California, created by James Markham. Would you believe this is their first international franchise? Manila ahead of everybody else? Now, that says a lot.

One morning after work, a few of my friends and I decided to check this place out.

The place was empty when we got there (actually, it was still closed when we arrived haha) so we're able to choose where we want to be seated. I thought the interiors had a very "industrial" feel to it, with all the black and the steel and elbow pipes evident in the place. There's something bare about the place. I really liked the light bulbs!

There were scribbles everywhere! On the tables, the counter, the walls and most of the surfaces. There were also 2 walls filled with famous sayings by famous people on the opposite ends of the place.

So, how do you make your own artisan pizza?

There are 7 custom built pizzas if you're not in the creative mood (Order By Number) or you can use these as a base pizza, and you could add your own twists along the way.

Favorite Things #16

I saw these 6 ~*~wonderful~*~ photos on John (first 5) and Mark's (last one) Instagram accounts which were posted during Halloween, and the fangirl in me can't help but laugh and squeal in delight (especially at Photo #6, my life is complete!) So this definitely trumps any other supposed f…

Truth Thursdays: Versus

The Reality versus The Manic Pixie Dream
Picture this: you're the Average Jane living your life. You're that college girl with a small group of friends that never smoked or tasted alcohol. You got everything that you needed. Loyal friends, a family that's always been giving and a long-t…