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Rustic Mornings By Isabelo

I can't remember how I first knew about Rustic Mornings. But when I first stumbled upon their website and saw the entirety of the restaurant through pictures, I thought it was a breakfast haven. I showed the website to some of my friends from work and we decided to visit the place one Saturday morning.

Those bicycles are for sale
It was a good thing my friends were familiar with the area where Rustic Mornings was located. It was situated in a narrow, almost hidden street across the Our Lady of Abandoned Church. When we got there, the place was already filled but luckily, we were able to have a spot after a few minutes.

Our table
Here are some photos of the other outdoor nooks:

The place was really enchanting. You could really tell the extent of creativity of the owner. Trees and plants sprawled everywhere. We also liked the whole mismatched feel. There were a lot of different pieces per nook but together, they worked perfectly. Before we even got to the food, our eyes were already satiated with all the things we saw. It was certainly a visual treat.

They are open to walk-in customers up to a certain time only because at night, dinner is by reservation only.

On the table:

Marlou's: Pork Tocino Filipino Breakfast Tray (PhP 155)
Muffet, Ian and I's: Sausage Platter (PhP 215)
The Sausage Platter (bratwurst and cheese sausge) comes with 2 sunny side up eggs, toasted rye bread, a scoop of herbed butter (I really, really liked this spread) and your choice of jam.

For sharing: Portobello and Arugula 3-Egg Cheese Omelette (PhP 240)
And because we love cupcakes:

Creamy Red Velvet (PhP 90), Cool Tiramisu (PhP 97) and Limoncillo (I forgot the price)
The food was really good and I thought everything was reasonably priced. Servings were huge and delicious. I especially enjoyed the Portobello and Arugula 3-Egg Cheese Omelette. It was fluffy and tasty. And that herbed butter was a great tickle to the palate. Rustic Mornings is one of the few places where the restaurant aesthetic translated to both their food and service. Customer service was awesome!

It's really a good morning at Rustic Mornings. It was worth the trip! :)

Rustic Mornings is located at #11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina City
Contact Nos.: (02) 510-6914 / (02) 681-2461 / 0917 7005810
Operating Hours: Open everyday, from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM

                             Dinner is by reservation only, book here.