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How I Really Feel About My 27th Birthday

Next week, I will be turning the big 2-7. For most of my life, I've not really made a big deal about my birthday celebrations. I remember having a 7th birthday party but as I grew older, I realized parties and people are not my thing. I never had a grand 18th birthday celebration (and I don't regret it), I preferred a simple dinner with my 2 best friends.

I think I'm most excited about my 27th because I will be spending it in some other place with a few close friends. After all, that's all you really need, right? But I doubt I will be feeling all magical and better just because another year will be added to my existence. I'm 27. But I'm still me. I won't be instantly wiser and shinier. I would still be the same when the clock strikes 12. I would still have the same dilemmas and problems. But wouldn't it be so great if all those things would go away just because it's my birthday?

After the well wishes and birthday greetings, it's just another day I have to live. I hope I don't sound too negative or whiny but I'm just saying the truth of the matter. The two things I've learned in the past few months are: loss is necessary and not everything beautiful is worth chasing. I'm already at this age and yet I still find some concepts so hard to grasp. Haha. And I had to learn it the hard way.

I don't even know why I am writing down all of this. Maybe I want to hear myself say it hoping it will lead to some sort of self-improvement? I don't know. Setting all of my rants aside, of course, I do know that a new year is a new adventure. Like they say, everyday is a second chance. So, I guess, I have another 365 second chances to make things better, no?

Of course, I am thankful for another year, for the fresh start. I'll try my very best to be wiser this year (I heard that it should come with age haha) and just be happy and contented. Another year, more resolutions and goals, more people to meet, more books to read, more new music to discover and more travel opportunities. A big high five to all those friends who stuck with me and to those people that I just met but already inspired me a thousandfold.

Another year, another beautiful adventure. Thank you for reminding me that I should just be myself and everything will fall into place eventually.