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Birthday Wishlist

We can never be too old to make a wishlist. I usually make a birthday and Christmas wishlist every year eventhough nobody really takes note of it. Haha. 

Here's my 2013 list:

1. Watch a Peso Movement/Japsuki gig. I've been a fan of Japs Sergio since his DDC days and I saw recently in Facebook his new band, Peso Movement. I finally saw them perform last month in Baguio and I got hooked ever since.

2. A decent laptop. It would be great if I could afford a Macbook Pro but I'd rather not spend too much on a laptop. But if someone would give it to me as a gift, I'd gladly accept it. Hahaha.

3. Cupcake Lab's Strawberry Lava

4. Van's Women's Running Shoes. Because I only have flats and sandals. And I need this for working out.

5. The book Happy Birthday To You by Dr. Seuss.

6. Link Graphix watches.

7. More Instax films!

8. iPod Classic 6th Generation.

Cheers to growing up!


  1. When's your birthday? I think from now on, if you want family to take hints, you'll have to leave this link on their FB profiles or print it out and leave it in places you know they'll see it :))

  2. It's on the 10th. Haha. I think I have to try printing out this list and leaving it around the house and on friends' desks. Hahaha!


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