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A Sort of Life Update

I've gotten so bad at this. I remember back then, I would painstakingly write down in my journal every little detail that happened during the day. Well, I guess, this being such an exposed space in the world wide web makes me not do it. But then again, I've been in kind of a slump and I've been trying to finish that blog post about Baguio for days now but I end up slacking off.

October is coming to an end (whew, that was fast!) but it felt like the days this week crawled oh so slowly.

So, for some news:

  • My brother got hospitalized last week because of Dengue but he's better now. I think that was the first time it happened to him, it was such a weird (at the same time funny) sight to see him lying on a hospital bed.
  • Life has been a routine lately. This is what happens to me everyday:
Wake up at 9:30 in the evening.
Have a little chitchat with Fritzie if she's already home at this time.
Ride a cab to work.
Tweet the cab's plate number and silently pray not to get robbed or whatever.
More work.
Go home.
Watch TV.
Sleep for at least 5 hours.
  • I feel like today is just a copy of yesterday. And tomorrow, well, is a copy of today. Haha. It's such a bore. That's why I really enjoyed that Feeling Friday hangout (Yabu + Carrie!) we did last Wednesday. I'm really not asking for life-changing things to happen right now. I just need a little ripple, just a little nudge.
  •  I realized that my handwriting now is horrible. Damn computers.
  • I got enrolled in a performance improvement thing at work.
  • Tonight is birthday celebration part 3, with the college friends. It's going to be a fun night! <3
  • The lack of activity in my life right now made me realize a lot of things. I sure made some poor decisions in my life. I'd rather not disclose those poor decisions specifically because I'd be giving you the right to judge me eventhough, maybe, you're just some random person who got lost here in my blog. Hahaha. And I already have enough people in my life judging me.

So there. Not much, really. I hope to shake this off soon. Go away, bad juju!