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Truth Thursdays: We Have Forgotten

Inside a bookstore was where they first met.

That's what she first remembered when she thought about him today. Today felt so distant from that moment and yet, it still lingers. She instantly pictured in her mind this funny way of how he ate his hamburger, still, from that day.

He removed the top bun. Arranged a few pieces of french fries on top of the patty and drizzled tomato ketchup. Then placed the top bun back and pressed down the hamburger hard. That's how he did it. He did that, then he shyly smiled at me and took a bite. She fondly remembered.

A soft kiss planted on her lips while she pretended to sleep in his arms.

That's how she really fell in love. They were young and it was sweet.

A couple of years changed a lot of things. She thought things were so simple but later found out that she was very wrong. She thought about all the mistakes, the fights, the silent treatments, and after all that's been said and not said, they'd still come running back to each other. It was almost poisonous. It was almost her death each and everytime.

Afternoons spent on a park just people watching and talking about their lives. Listening to his CDs. Laughing about everything. Counting the buses that pass by. And by 9 in the evening, he would drop her off at the bus station. That's the part I missed the most, she thought. She can't help but smile. Life was a notch less complicated and petty fights always translated to kiss-and-make-ups on afternoon dates.

Then come another mistake. And another. And another. And somehow things got so blurry. They stopped talking. They started yelling. War of words ensued and pride began to take over. They started to count each other's mistakes. There was silence. Unconsciously, they built a wall in between them.

She took her journal and wrote the words You're all I ever know. She stood up and folded her left hand across her chest. She fiddled a little more and lighted a cigarette.

She just stared at her reflection for a long moment. She felt she's going to well up in tears. And at that particular point when she was almost going to burst, she thought of the better days. After she blew smoke into the air a couple of times, she crushed the cigarette with her left foot.

She remembered that very first time they walked by the seashore. It was just this year. She mentally added. They walked along a shoreline while the sun was setting. The periwinkle skies slowly turning black. Stars slowly appeared above them. Holding each other's hands so tight because they both know they loved every moment of it. They talked about their future and how they can't imagine their lives without each other.

Things went downhill ever since. She quit. But then, she couldn't deny that she was desperately pleading the heavens that quitting would eventually turn to things getting better for the both of them. Their relationship was such a huge chunk of her life, it was quite surreal that it has come to an end.

Now, she was finally at peace with herself. Things had come a long way from where they were before. Things took such an ugly turn, they had no choice but to untie their knots.

She needed to remember those little things because they were the ones that were forgotten, the ones that were overlooked. Those were the tidbits they should've looked back at when things were at its worse. Those were the little reminders that there was something good from all of this. That at some point in time, things were perfect and everything is how they want it to be.

She's now smiling when she thought, Well, we had a good run, you and I. Thank you.

"Most things are forgotten over time. But still, no matter how much time passes, 
no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things 
we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away. 
They remain with us forever, like a touchstone."
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

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