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Feeling a bit down lately and I can't get my head to focus on anything. I'm sick right now so I decided to stay home and spend time with my folks. Sometimes, you just really need to be with people who matter. My mom always knows the right things to make me feel better.

"Good riddance!" as my friends say. I'm just going through some kind of ridiculous 70% withdrawal phase (no, I'm not an addict) and 30% pity phase. This will all be over very soon, I've been here before.

On a lighter note, October is fast approaching. I remember we just wrapped up our Baguio trip and now, it's the end of the month again. It's finally my birth month and I can't wait to celebrate it with my friends! Baguio Part 2? Zambales? Laiya? Also, La Union again by the end of the month for the Soul Surf Festival 2013! <3

I promise to do better next month. Baguio trip will be posted very soon. I've got a 4-day weekend coming up and hopefully, my brain would be up and running again. Before I know it, I would be humming to this song again with a smile on my face.

Thanks for reading! :)