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Irana Douer

I was quickly drawn to Argentinian artist Irana Douer's artwork because of it's femininity, bold colors and shapes, and the certain shadiness of the female subjects. At first glance, it was very intriguing. Actually, most of the characters display mystic and innocence, like they are possessing deep, dark secrets with those sinister eyes but their exposure also shows their vulnerability. The manner that she depicts the hair is exceptional, too. Such strong contrasts in the simple, minimalist illustrations and detailed lines and geometry.

Every piece provokes a thought, a feeling, sometimes, sympathy. As a woman, it's almost instantaneous that I felt a connection. After looking at most of her creations, in my mind, I imagined each and every character existed in some fantasy world of vibrant hues and emotional symbolism.

Here are some of my favorites:

Irana also runs an online art magazine called Ruby Mag which features the works of different artist. She then translated it to a gallery and shop which she also curates. She also designs and sells eco-friendly bags, stickers and pillowcases on her Etsy Shop. No new items at the moment though.

Image credits to Future Positive

All images used are property of Irana Douer.