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Favorite Things (#14) in Baguio

1. Tam-awan Cafe's Hot Chocolate.
Sure, it may be just Swiss Miss with marshmallows but we only paid around PhP130 for this,
2 refillable cups of coffee, a cheese spongecake and a raisin cookie! How awesome is that?

2. The fog at 2 in the afternoon.
The photo was taken at Oh My Gulay and 2 PM came, the city was covered in fog, we
really cannot see anything outside the window anymore!

3. That awkward stance.
Saw Peso Movement perform at Nostalgia Bar. Heehee.

4. This puppy.
So cute and fluffy and and affectionate. 

5. VW Kombi!
Actually, there were 3 of these parked 2 blocks away from where we stayed.

6. Hot mint tea in a beautiful teacup and saucer.