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Early Bird Breakfast Club

(I figured that while I'm still sorting all the photos we took during our Baguio trip, I should publish some of my drafted entries. I still have 9 half-finished posts and who knows when I'll get to finish everyfreakingthing.)

Back when I was in grade school, I hated eating breakfast because I had this mentality that breakfast is evil: a) it disrupts my sleep and b) eventhough I'm still half-awake, I have to chow down what my parents prepared for us that morning just because I needed something to fill my tummy before going to school. Now, of course, it's a different story. I have deep appreciation and love for breakfast food.

Through the years, breakfast food has been reinvented in so many ways but somehow, it still provides us that same warmth and comforting feeling. Also, for me, breakfast food is the safe choice if you don't know what to eat.

I have professed a lot of times how I love breakfast food. If there's a new all-day breakfast restaurant, I'm there. I have this belief now that a great plate of breakfast food can definitely create a good mood for the entire day.

More all-day breakfast restaurants sprouted this year and Early Bird Breakfast Club is one of them.

I was half-expecting that we would be the first ones there so I could take lots of photos but unfortunately, there was already a group of people occupying the long table in the middle. So I had take photos from where I was sitting. The place is small but you can't help but love all the details.

The magic of mirrors: Illusion of space
The colors were cheerful and bright. Stepping into this place already made me happy. They've got wooden chairs and tables with the upholstery in different pastel shades, perfectly jiving with that huge blue mural on the right side of the wall and those wooden chevron-shaped arrows embedded everywhere else. Those bits of details really made a huge difference on the restaurant's overall appeal!

On the table:

French Toast Fondue (PhP 210). I called this our appetizer-dessert. This was the first one served to us and it was certainly a great way to start out meal. A slice (or two) of French toast was served as soft sticks and the dips were contained in eggshells! How cute and economical! The dips were chocolate, maple syrup and cinnamon sugar. My favorite was maple syrup, of course! But that didn't stop me from dipping the toast sticks in all three! It was super delicious! I suggest you sweet tooths order this when you try EBBC! A+ for the presentation, too!

He ordered (if I remember correctly) Early Bird Croque Madame (PhP 445). I thought it was fitting he ordered this because he was nursing a hangover that morning. Hahaha. Presentation, again, was fantastic.

My choice: Lemon Butter Bangus (PhP 325). I think my SPAM phase is on a temporary hiatus because I just can't stop eating fish recently.

I didn't expect that there would be a lot of components to this dish so I had to lay everything out. Hahaha. Serving was really big and I loved every bit of it. Well, not really all. I read on the menu that there would be a 'lemon garlic butter relish' but I didn't know that chopped red bell pepper was included in it. The milkfish was seasoned and fried just right (I don't like it when food is tostado, even bacon). I was left no choice but to eat the red bell pepper so I can fully enjoy the meal. Not bad, red bell pepper. Not bad at all. Perfect poached egg, too! Runny yolk, check. No raw egg white, check. (I should really take more photos next time, no?)

Iced Latte (PhP 115). Just because there was no milkshake. I hope they add milkshakes to their menu soon.

Dining at Early Bird Breakfast Club injects the much needed rays of sunshine to your morning. The place itself already perks you up and though the price may seem expensive, the quality of the food is definitely, hands down, without a doubt, worth it. Every plate is a masterpiece and the sincerity of delivering great, delicious food reflects with every dish!

I really enjoyed eating here. It's worth the trip!

Early Breakfast Club is located at Unit C G/F Fort Pointe 2 Bldg, The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Official Facebook Page
Contact No.: (02) 808 9269
Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday - 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM 

                            Friday and Saturday - 24 hours