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Truth Thursdays: We Have Forgotten

Inside a bookstore was where they first met.

That's what she first remembered when she thought about him today. Today felt so distant from that moment and yet, it still lingers. She instantly pictured in her mind this funny way of how he ate his hamburger, still, from that day.

He removed the t…

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Feeling a bit down lately and I can't get my head to focus on anything. I'm sick right now so I decided to stay home and spend time with my folks. Sometimes, you just really need to be with people who matter. My mom always knows the right things to make me feel better.
"Good riddance!

All That Remains

N   O   T   H   I   N   G   .

The Better Story Project: Ithaca

Ithaca represents a journey as much as a destination. We are all looking for our place in the world. We are all looking for a place to belong. We are all looking for Ithaca.

If you would like to join, email betterstoryproject@gmail.com for slot reservation.

Workshop details:
Date: September 28, 2013

Love is Greed: A Playlist

For those moments when all we want is to love and be loved, when love is everything and nothing, when you have so much more to give and there is nothing left, when you're stuck in reverse, when you're left wanting so much more, when it was not meant to be, when the lies are the truths, whe…

Favorite Things (#14) in Baguio

1. Tam-awan Cafe's Hot Chocolate.
Sure, it may be just Swiss Miss with marshmallows but we only paid around PhP130 for this,
2 refillable cups of coffee, a cheese spongecake and a raisin cookie! How awesome is that?
2. The fog at 2 in the afternoon.
The photo was taken at Oh My Gulay and 2 PM …

Irana Douer

I was quickly drawn to Argentinian artist Irana Douer's artwork because of it's femininity, bold colors and shapes, and the certain shadiness of the female subjects. At first glance, it was very intriguing. Actually, most of the characters display mystic and innocence, like they are posses…

Truth Thursdays: Can't Wait No More

 It was long overdue.

Believe it or not, I think I am maturing with every year that passes.

Two years ago, I was at a crossroad. I know it was a bit selfish but I just had to make a choice. It was a long time coming anyway. I can't prolong it anymore. Eventhough I knew my parents were absolut…

Early Bird Breakfast Club

(I figured that while I'm still sorting all the photos we took during our Baguio trip, I should publish some of my drafted entries. I still have 9 half-finished posts and who knows when I'll get to finish everyfreakingthing.)

Back when I was in grade school, I hated eating breakfast because I had this mentality that breakfast is evil: a) it disrupts my sleep and b) eventhough I'm still half-awake, I have to chow down what my parents prepared for us that morning just because I needed something to fill my tummy before going to school. Now, of course, it's a different story. I have deep appreciation and love for breakfast food.

Through the years, breakfast food has been reinvented in so many ways but somehow, it still provides us that same warmth and comforting feeling. Also, for me, breakfast food is the safe choice if you don't know what to eat.

I have professed a lot of times how I love breakfast food. If there's a new all-day breakfast restaurant, I'm there. I have this belief now that a great plate of breakfast food can definitely create a good mood for the entire day.

More all-day breakfast restaurants sprouted this year and Early Bird Breakfast Club is one of them.

I was half-expecting that we would be the first ones there so I could take lots of photos but unfortunately, there was already a group of people occupying the long table in the middle. So I had take photos from where I was sitting. The place is small but you can't help but love all the details.

The magic of mirrors: Illusion of space
The colors were cheerful and bright. Stepping into this place already made me happy. They've got wooden chairs and tables with the upholstery in different pastel shades, perfectly jiving with that huge blue mural on the right side of the wall and those wooden chevron-shaped arrows embedded everywhere else. Those bits of details really made a huge difference on the restaurant's overall appeal!

Hello from Baguio!

Me and my friends are still in Baguio as of the moment, I just had to post a quick update. We're on a 4-day trip here in this fantastic city and I am definitely enjoying every minute of it!

We had a lot of food adventures (found a lot of great food joints), went to a few places and watched Pes…