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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Two words: extraordinary carinderia.

If you're looking for laid back ambiance, comfortable chairs and interiors with personality, you won't find it here. They never promised that. The place is indeed true to its name. But if you're those type of  people who would go out of their way to get their hands on good food, this is one of the places you would like to be.

There's so much the world wide web has written about this place so it really, really got me intrigued. That plus the fact that I can eat breakfast three times a day. So, was it worth all the rave? Read along.

We had no idea where San Joaquin Street in Mandaluyong is so we took a cab going there. We were dropped off a few blocks away because we were greeted by ankle-deep flood and road excavations. So we had to take a pedicab to cross the flood and still had to be dropped off nowhere near Kanto because of the excavation. Foursquare was of no help, too. Haha. The pin was definitely in the wrong spot. It was a good thing I caught sight of the blue signage (see photo above) and recognized it from all the photos I saw online.

We happily marched towards Kanto. We were hungry!

Most of the comments I read online was that service was slow and the place is always jam-packed. Luckily for us, the place is empty when we got there! But I have to say, after we got settled, people in groups were slowly creeping in.

Too bad their Eggs Benedict was not available that day. It's what I've been meaning to order.

On the table:

Spam and Eggs (PhP 90)
I know spam tastes the same no matter where they serve it. Hahaha. But I just love to eat this bundle. This is my ultimate comfort food. I love the tomato pesto! It adds an interesting flavor to this traditional breakfast meal plus it's a nice pop of color!

Pancakes and Bacon and Eggs (PhP 90)
Another traditional breakfast plate. Who doesn't love a slice or two of bacon? Oh, since we're talking about love for oily, fatty, sinful bacon, we ordered another 4 strips!

Mixed Berry Pancakes (PhP 90)
The pancakes were indeed fluffy! I saw cartons of Maya Hotcake Mix somewhere in their store. Glad they were using the best! Hehe. A sweet, fruity ending to our breakfast meals.

I usually don't post photos of myself with the food but I was a happy camper that day. There's a lot of other things they offer if you're not big on the classic breakfast food. They have Spanish Sardines Benedict, Tuyo with Kesong Puti, french toast, champorado, and the list goes on. Most dishes are under PhP 90. Such a steal, right?

If you don't mind being exposed to the outside elements while enjoying your meal, you have to try the food here. Food presentation is nice but everything is budget-friendly. The area leading to Kanto may look a bit like a disaster but the food was satisfying.

Definitely coming back for the Eggs Benedict.

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is located at 549 San Joaquin St. Brgy Plainview, Mandaluyong City 
Telephone No.: 400 2268
Other branch: 6 Aquillina St. cor Col Divino, Sto NiƱo, Marikina City
Operation hours: 24 hours open
Official Facebook Page