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Apartment 1B One Rockwell Center

I saw Apartment 1B's Rockwell branch on my way to work one night, when the cab driver took another route to avoid the horrible Friday EDSA traffic. I've always had a mental note of checking out Apartment 1B's first branch in Salcedo Village but never got to. I was really glad when I knew about this other branch which is easier to locate.

A few days after, we went there to have breakfast. The place is quite small (I guess they're sticking to the apartment vibe) but they had a second level which has more seats to accommodate guests. Almost all the tables were occupied so we were guided to the second floor.

View from the stairs: first floor
Second level
The pieces of furniture chosen and the overall aesthetic felt very cozy and homey, like you've known this place for a long time. I love that they were able to inject a sense of familiarity to the place. They even got a big couch on one side with the TV hanging above it, and lampshades and comfy chairs. Although in my opinion, there were too many tables placed on the second floor for such a small space.

As I've said, the plan was to have breakfast. But when we were handed the menu, my eyes just zoomed in so many things, I forgot the warmth and comfort that breakfast food brings. There were just so many dishes that appealed to us!

On the table:

Corn Chowder (PhP 190)
We actually requested this to be split in two since we both need a little bit of warm soup. It's very hearty and tasty.

Grilled Pork Chops (PhP 510)
Pork chops triumphed over breakfast food that day. I sure was happy I ordered this one because this was just so succulent, tender and flavorful! The 2 slabs of meat looked really inviting with all the grill marks and the slightly-charred-in-the-right places appearance. I really enjoyed the process of cutting the meat off the bone. You know that moment of anticipation right before the knife slices the meat? You're wondering if it will be delicate and soft or tough and chewy? I felt a surge of satisfaction when I found out it was the former. Very, very good. Actually, every component on this plate was great! I really liked the applesauce on the side, it added a bit of tang to the dish. Same goes with the mashed potatoes, it was creamy and smooth but the bite-sized chunks of potatoes added texture. So it's not baby food consistency. I really enjoyed this!

Beef Burger with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon (PhP 530)
This was Marion's pick. He told me it tasted good and definitely filling, though I think it's not that exceptional since he was not raving about it after that day. The fat french fries on the side was great.

Our drinks: Vanilla Milkshake (PhP 140) and House Brewed Iced Tea (PhP 90)
Marion absolutely loves milkshakes and he orders it every chance he gets. Apartment 1B's Vanilla Milkshake is one of the best we've had, along with Dekada's. We loved it's cold, creamy and milky goodness (of course, I had to take a sip haha)! The House Brewed Iced Tea was okay, nothing too out of the box.

After our delicious brunch, we opted not to stay longer because the place was already full of people. And as we all know, small spaces and crowds don't necessarily mix (unless it's a concert). At one point, we can hear everyone's laughter and chitchats all at the same time. It just got too loud!

We finally knew what the buzz was about with Apartment 1B. Some say it's not worth the hype and the food's just too pricey. Well, I will have to agree on the latter statement. Dining at Apartment 1B is quite expensive so I'm definitely saving it for special occasions.

Apartment 1B is located at 101E Ground Level, One Rockwell Center East Tower, One Rockwell Drive, Makati City
Contact No.: (02) 869-3530 / +63927 6008373
Other branch: G/F Unit 1B One Lafayette Square, 132 Sedeno St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Official Facebook Page