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Come find me.

Wishlist for a person who got lost and was never found
(after Jeffrey McDaniel)

I want a fortune teller who convinces her customers 
they will end up with the person they love no matter what.

I want an entire year of silence with only the sound of whales
splashing in the surf to guide me home at night.

I want to pay a prostitute five dollars to sit in my bed
and hold my hand, nothing else.

I want a month without hurricanes because they remind me
too much of how my father left us when we were young
and still sucking our thumbs, and tore up our lives.

I want someone to look me in the eye when they talk
about their feelings.

I want the breath between you and me in winter to be
all the things we could never say to each other,
spelled out in front of our faces like smoke.

I want to play telephone with a paper cup
and have to wonder whether the person on the other end
really means what they’re saying.

I want to stick myself under your door like dead leaves
so people will step over me like they always have.

I want a pair of scissors that won’t hurt me.

I want an apology that rings true.