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Joe's Meatshack Kapitolyo

Another day, another food trip in Kapitolyo!

This time, we marched our hungry selves to Joe's Meatshack. It's the food joint that took over where Briggy Hall and Moonleaf Tea Shop once was, right next to Milky and Sunny.

From what I've read online, they were formerly located in Katipunan and transferred to Kapitolyo this year (I think.) We were craving for meat and that was exactly what we got and a bit more!

The walls were decorated with different puns and quotes related to food which I found both funny and entertaining.

Red to orange hues were evident and it had a bit of a diner feel to it. I also really liked that the walls and tables and chairs were primarily made of wood. It had that very manly vibe to it. I don't know. Maybe it's because the term "meating" keeps popping up everywhere I look. HAHAHA. I felt like it was insinuating something naughty. LOL. Wow. That's the best I can come up with in terms of the ambiance of the place. (Plz don't judge me!)

JM's other design quirks:
assembled counter top made of wood; the 9-shelf mini compartment above the condiments
was for phone charging; the ends of their utensils, and red and black high chairs

We ordered Fiery Wings with blue cheese dip (you can have it spicy or three alarm, which I assume is a notch spicier than the former) for appetizer and I chose the Double Thick Porkloin Chops as my main meal.

Joe's Meatshack was all about meat and boy, they really delivered! Both the buffalo wings and porkchop were super tender, flavorful and juicy. I am very picky when it comes to spicy food (the only spicy viand I am willing to eat is Bicol Express) and it's great to know that I can still enjoy buffalo wings without having to tear up because I have such low tolerance for spicy food. The serving was bigger than most restaurants so we thought it was priced fairly.

In regard to their customer service, the staff were really attentive! Kudos to that. But I must say we had to wait long before our food was served considering that we were their only customer that time. It was worth the wait though, everything was delicious. I would definitely pay them a visit once I am all longing and yearning for meat once again.


Joe's Meatshack is located at 9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City