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Enchanted Kingdom!

You must think that I am quite the loser when you know that this was my first time stepping foot inside Sta. Rosa, Laguna's most loved theme park. I really can't remember why during my grade school or high school days I was not able to join field trips to this magical (so they say) place. I've been to Star City a few times but that's about it.

Let me just take a moment and say, Enchanted Kingdom, finally!

Now that, that's done, here are some photos I took while I was there. I am so KJ because I preferred not to ride the Space Shuttle because I feared I would die of heart attack eventhough everyone's telling me it's super fast and enjoyable. I think the EKstreme was the most exhilirating ride I've ever been to, not that I've been on many. I quite enjoyed Anchor's Away but can't help but feel that almost certain feeling that I would fall to my death and every second just felt too damn long. Hahahaha.

The ticket now looks like this.

I miss driving golf carts. :(
Driving bump cars' already showing me how poor of a driver I will be in the future. I panic. I panic big time. I almost always get stuck and can't get my car to move. Hahaha. Kids were far better than me!

I loved and hated it at the same time.

Highs and lows. Away we go.
No can do, sir.
Hanging and waiting.

Dizzy girl dizzy
EKstreme Drop Tower. 3 seconds of pure panic, I didn't even had the time to curse. Hahaha.

HUHU. Carousel!
I pretty much enjoyed our afternoon spent at Enchanted Kingdom. Of course, we didn't miss the Rio Grande Rapids and I was so lucky that day that I went under the waterfalls twice. So I was quite freezing when we tried out Rialto which was not that fun but overall, it was not bad at all.


Ride-all-you-can ticket was PhP 500. Exclusive of refreshments/food.

We came from Shaw Boulevard, there's a van terminal there right in front of Star Mall. Ride the Santa Rosa-Balibago bound vans and ask to be dropped off at Waltermart. Van fare if PhP 75. There's a EK tricycle terminal at the side of Waltermart that would take you there.

We went on a Friday afternoon (no fireworks, only during weekends I was told), decided to eat afterwards and were on our way home by 11 PM. No more Manila-bound buses at this time. And there's only a few vans left. Well, we actually had to wait for one that night. So it's better if you book the Enchanted Kingdom shuttle service or go home early.

Enchanted Kingdom is located at San Lorenzo South , Santa Rosa, Laguna
Contact Nos.: (02)830-3535, (02)584-3535