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SoulPancake Sunday

Can you change your situation by seeing things with a new perspective?
This SoulPancake question coudn't be more appropriate right now.
Of course, my answer is yes. A big, fat YES. We are all creatures of habit and more often than not, we all fall under certain routines, stay behind lines. Just…

Lia's Cakes In Season

I wish I could say that I could go a day without a sugar fix but sadly, that's not the case. I think I've already established the fact that a meal won't be complete without sweets/desserts. So after a hearty lunch somewhere in Kapitolyo, we stumbled upon Lia's Cakes in Season and decided this will be our destination for desserts that day.

We went there around 11 in the morning so the place was practically empty, except for one customer who just bought a cake and left. The place felt casual but is a bit small, with only 2 long tables (6 square tables assembled into 2 long ones) and can accommodate 10-12 people. Probably less because 12 people would feel cramped in this little space. But the ambiance was okay, walls were painted with their trademark green and violet colors.

Upon knowledge that they have cupcakes, I immediately asked the staff which one was their bestseller. Apparently, Lia's is best known for their avocado flavored desserts. I could not resist trying one! I had their Avocado Cupcake and my friend, Ian, had a Red Velvet Cupcake (we have this mission of tasting all red velvet cupcakes in town and ranking which is the best).

Joe's Meatshack Kapitolyo

Another day, another food trip in Kapitolyo!

This time, we marched our hungry selves to Joe's Meatshack. It's the food joint that took over where Briggy Hall and Moonleaf Tea Shop once was, right next to Milky and Sunny.

From what I've read online, they were formerly located in Katipunan and transferred to Kapitolyo this year (I think.) We were craving for meat and that was exactly what we got and a bit more!

The walls were decorated with different puns and quotes related to food which I found both funny and entertaining.

Red to orange hues were evident and it had a bit of a diner feel to it. I also really liked that the walls and tables and chairs were primarily made of wood. It had that very manly vibe to it. I don't know. Maybe it's because the term "meating" keeps popping up everywhere I look. HAHAHA. I felt like it was insinuating something naughty. LOL. Wow. That's the best I can come up with in terms of the ambiance of the place. (Plz don't judge me!)

Carolyn Robb The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes

(Note: This branch is already closed. They opened another one in Resorts World Manila.)

Have you been to SM Aura Premiere? If you have, I'm sure you've already stumbled or at least took a peek at this new, extravagant looking cupcake place.

I don't know if it's just me, but I think SM Aura Premiere totally lacks restaurants. When we went there about 2 weeks ago, yes, most of the boutiques were still closed, but I found it quite odd that the only opened fast food shops and restaurants were a Jollibee, a KFC, Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen and of course, there's the food court (which was not that big).

Anyway, back to The Royal Touch. I didn't hesitate to try their cupcakes that day. I was really excited!

The place sure had an elegant ambiance. Most of the popular cupcake shops here in the Philippines can be described as cutesy and quaint but The Royal Touch definitely falls on the luxurious category. Chandeliers, elegant chairs, porcelain tea cups, velvet wall panels, mirrors, glass shelves, the works! (I wish I had more pictures to show but my camera had major tantrums that day and decided to delete some photos on its own.)

Also, the whole "personal chef of the royal family" thing got me really interested. Chef Carolyn Robb is actually just half of the whole The Royal Touch business. You can even see here letters sent to Chef Robb from Prince Charles and Princess Diana! Very cool. We always have that need for a quick dose of the royalty, right?

I heard from a friend that they had fewer selections a week prior we went there. So it was perfect timing! They already had their red velvet cupcake available!

The presentation just felt so... refined. Haha. Looks so pretty!
I read a couple of reviews online about The Royal Touch and most of the feedback were about the cupcakes being too dry. Well, it's a good thing that this red velvet cupcake named Red Velvet Empress Cupcake was anything but that. The cupcake was nice and moist, the cream cheese frosting was the right balance of sweetness and cream cheese-yness. There was something so good about this cupcake. I can't quite point out what made it the best for me so far, but overall, it was such a high quality red velvet cupcake. So good. Although the cupcake tasted nothing like that of a strawberry, the fresh, halved fruit dipped in chocolate was a really, really nice touch. The strawberry tasted fresh and refreshing. Definitely the #1 on my list now. Definitely.

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Favorite Things #10

1. Alice in Wonderland sweatshirt
2. Saving the best for last
3. The irony of this word inked in my skin
4. Fourteen and a half hours well spent
5. More happy food discoveries
6. The end and the new beginning

A week can change a lot of things.

Knowing that I had too much stuff to blog about but actually slacking off for almost an entire week to do it made me think about going into hiatus. And honestly, up until now, I can't seem to get my brain to focus and come up with something that can fill all this blank space.
The past week has…

Enchanted Kingdom!

You must think that I am quite the loser when you know that this was my first time stepping foot inside Sta. Rosa, Laguna's most loved theme park. I really can't remember why during my grade school or high school days I was not able to join field trips to this magical (so they say) place. I've been to Star City a few times but that's about it.

Let me just take a moment and say, Enchanted Kingdom, finally!

Now that, that's done, here are some photos I took while I was there. I am so KJ because I preferred not to ride the Space Shuttle because I feared I would die of heart attack eventhough everyone's telling me it's super fast and enjoyable. I think the EKstreme was the most exhilirating ride I've ever been to, not that I've been on many. I quite enjoyed Anchor's Away but can't help but feel that almost certain feeling that I would fall to my death and every second just felt too damn long. Hahahaha.

The ticket now looks like this.

I miss driving golf carts. :(
Driving bump cars' already showing me how poor of a driver I will be in the future. I panic. I panic big time. I almost always get stuck and can't get my car to move. Hahaha. Kids were far better than me!

I loved and hated it at the same time.

What the fork.


Everybody Wants You Here: A Jeff Buckley Documentary

May 24, 1997 was the time Jeff Buckley suddenly disappeared while wadding the waters of Wolf River Harbor but it was a few days after, June 4th, that his body was found caught in branches floating and facing Beale Street.
So, in tribute to that day, here's a 1-hour documentary I found on YouTu…

Off The List: GRAMS Diner

Back in 2012, I came up with a second list of restaurants that I wanted to try, based on the recommendation of friends or just out of sheer curiosity. Yes, GRAMS Diner was a part of that list together with some other restaurants like Cafe 1771 and Torch.
I always try to find great restaurants whic…