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YUMMY Magazine's Yummy Eats 2013

Spent our morning in NBC Tent at The Fort for this yummy event. I honestly thought I was going to go alone but then I was able to convince my epicurean friend, Ian (who convinced another friend, Charm), to go with me. Yey! Tasting food from 50 different concessionaires for PhP 200 is such a steal, right? Of course, I just have to attend this event.

Image from Yummy Magazine's Facebook page
And apparently, this is the 3rd year Yummy Magazine has done this food fair. Man, what have I been doing in the past 2 years?

Armed with our golden paper plates and Yummy Eats passbook of sorts, we started this supposed day long food fiesta. 

We were determined to taste each of the 56 concessionaires but failed to do so. We came here straight from work and an hour past lunch time, we were super tired and drained BUT full. Haha. The place was packed by 11:00 AM! I included a sort of review of the samples provided by each restaurant, and their contact details as well in case you want to know more about them. 

Here are my top picks:

1. Alchemy

The best French macarons everrr! Had a bite of their salted caramel flavor and I am not kidding when I say it's the best out there. I mean, you can disagree with me but for me, it was pure magic. It's got that delicately crispy but at the same time chewy transition of textures with every bite. And the flavors hits the right spot. I don't even know how to explain it further. Oh, and their packaging is so pretty! Hahaha. All I hear from people leaving their stall is, "Ang sarap!" This is without a doubt, a must try! 

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2. Manila Q

I love pork. That's no secret. And if you could find a way to may pork twice as amazing as it already is, I'll love you even more. And that's what ManilaQ's team of geniuses has come up with. Bagwang is something in between of bacon, chicharon and fried liempo. The three best things in life = party in my mouth! Perfectly flavorful and crrrispy! 

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3. Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs

Schmidt's was the first stall we went to when we got at the venue, and it sure was a way to start our adventure with a bang. Delectable and flavorful gourmet hotdogs! This beauty is called the Wagamama but after you get a taste of it, you'll surely say more-amama. Hahaha. Lame joke, okay. But I know you get what I'm trying to say. I can't get over just how flavorful this is.

Wagamama is actually a Japanese-inspired gourmet hotdog. The meat alone is already delicious, the addition of the Japanese mayo, Japanese curry, nori and coleslaw added more flavor and texture to it. Yummy. Never really a big Japanese food fan, maybe this fusion is as close as I can get!

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4. Blue Toque

Having your cake named "The Ultimate" sets high expectations. So we gladly obliged to find out if this was indeed the ultimate dessert. And after a bite, I sure knew that they definitely had the bragging rights to name the cake as it is. Now that I've done enough research, I found out that the cake was made of the following layers: gianduja glaze, hazelnut mousse, chocolate mousse, chocolate spongecake and feuilletine for the base.  You can definitely taste that it is made with quality ingredients. All the components blend wonderfully together, the texture of the mousse is very smooth and it ends with a twist: that thin crunchy base. 


5. Mad Meats

Photo by Ian Manzon
Perfectly seasoned, perfectly smoked bacon! Argh! Mad Meats smokes the bacon by using a variety of woods, depending on its availability. The types of woods can range from Santol, Caimito, Mabolo, Cinnamon, Mango and Narra. (via) These bad boys are so delicious and flavorful that it made me glad I am not a vegetarian. The strips were thicker than those conventional ones which just makes it more amazing! The texture of the meat was a great balance of crispiness and chewiness! 


6. Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm

We stumbled upon this stall that offered "All Filipino iced tea." Sounds kind of intriguing. We all got a cup and drank it in one swig. We were asked to guess what were the flavors of those we drank. We made a couple of wild guesses but we didn't get it right. Hehe. So, just what does make Bayani Brew the all Filipino beverage? It's made of indigenous ingredients like pandan, lemongrass and sweet potato tops, we were told. I think it's really a great idea for a drink. It's refreshing, nutritious, unique and an all-Filipino product! 

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7. Pepita's Lechon

As much as I love pork, I rarely eat lechon. I think have issues with seeing animal's faces then actually devouring a part of them. Haha. Good thing the sample given to us by Pepita's Lechon was not a part of the one in the photo. The lechon was served with truffle rice which I found out was actually the lechon stuffing. And the sample that we tasted was Pepita's French Lechon.

That truffle rice is going to haunt me forever. I could eat this forever if it wouldn't give me a heart attack. After we had a spoonful of that truffle rice topped with the lechon, we just looked at each other and said, "Ang sarap." in that tone you use when you just found something so awesome you can't contain your happiness. I will see you soon, Pepita's.


8. Resty's Roast Beef

Photo by Ian Manzon
I think the photo itself pretty much shows how delicious this was. All glazed at the top and the beef was tender and juicy. I kinda hoped that the sample size was a bit bigger though. Bitin! Haha. It left me wanting more.


9. Cupcake Lab

Photo by Ian Manzon. On the photo: Charm and Ms. Cay Cuasay hahaha.
We love cupcakes. We love Cupcake Lab even more, from the very first time we tried their super yummy creations. So imagine 3 grownups squealing in delight 2 feet away from Cupcake Lab's stall. Imagine them doing that each and everytime they pass by the cupcake stall. Well, I need not imagine because that was exactly what happened that day. Because we love Cupcake Lab. Hahaha. Try their newest flavor, the Banana Wheat! I'm still waiting for the strawberry cupcake with chocolate ganache filling to be official. I'm watching you, Cupcake Lab!

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10. Rub Ribs & BBQ

Rub Ribs was one of the food joints I wanted to try along with Pino. (Surprisingly, Pino was not a part of the 56.) I've been reading so much about this place, it made me so curious. And eventhough we frequent Kapitolyo, we never dined at Rub Ribs just yet (I will soon, I promise.) Succulent, tender and flavorful meat. Huhuhu. I want more! I also tried their Fish and Chips, must say it's better than the other stall that serves fish and chips as well. The dip is also more flavorful. We will surely visit their Kapitolyo branch soon!


We really enjoyed the event. Fed our curiosities and our tummies! I am really happy with all the new discoveries that I made and they really deserved to be recognized. Yummy Magazine really knew which concessionaires to pick. Great food, great event!
See you all next year at Yummy Eats 2014!
Here are some other photos from the event:


  1. In behalf of our Team @ Manila Q, thank you very much To say more, ALL our products are "INNOVATIONS" of different sikat Pinoy recipes. We use imported meat than local, infuse them with precise blend of spices/herbs & US-FDA approved food chem and apply tested technological processes highly different from what was done in the recipe to be innovated. Then they result to a very IMPROVED ONES. Hope you catch us at our different stalls. Again, you inspire us.

    1. Thank you for that information! Bagwang is definitely one of a kind and super delicious. I'll will see you soon in Katipunan! Thank you for dropping by! :)

  2. I freaken love Rub!!! And their sprice!!! <3

    And I feel bad for not trying out Manila Q when it's right next to Route 196!!! All the meat looks rull good.

    1. All the meat that day really didn't disappoint! Manila Q's Bagwang is awesome.

      So excited to try Rub Ribs!


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