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Favorite Things #8

Since this list may not be appropriate to post on Wednesday, I'll just do it a day earlier.

Some little things in life that make us really, really happy, also are little signs that make you realize that life has indeed changed for the better. Or just those day-to-day things that's so simple yet so comforting. Here's a list I was able to come up with all things that made me feel that way.

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  • Heima's Colette Chest of Drawers 
  • Rappler.com's super cool election results interface
  • Light workload at work today (Tomorrow is another story. 172 edits, ugh.)
  • My favorite meal of the day, prepared by my dear father. Thank you, Pa!
  • Our ever lovable dog, Steve, peeking through the kitchen screen
  • A what I thought would be a super heavy downpour that never happened (Whew!)
  • Future plans with one of my bestfriends, Natz. Singapore in November? Hopefully.
  • And my favorite on the list: FINALLY booked a trip for 4 to Boracay! It's about time!

What's on your list? :)