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June, come hither.

I wish I could just fast forward the days and when I wake up tomorrow later, it's already June. I have so much stuff pending for posting here because I never get to finish an entry when I start it. It's either I fall asleep while doing it or my brain's too fried to function after work. For a bit of a good news, we were told that today (or tonight's shift) is the supposed last day of our second quarter peak season. And I am just so damn happy and relieved to hear that.

Finally, I would have the time to fix all the photos, and I could (hopefully) come up with better posts this coming week. Do you ever feel that tummy ache when you think about all the chaos of things you still need to do, and no matter how you try, you just can't find the time to finish everything? Well, I feel that way most of the time. Hello, much needed rest! I just can't wait!

Updates in bullets: (LOL I forgot this template doesn't support bulleted/numbered lists, must tweak soon.)

  • New blog layout. DUH. I was thinking of changing my layout for June but I accidentally clicked the save button. So here's my nth blog template. I hope it looks better for everyone who drops by. I'd love a feedback!
  • 8th. Hopefully, I could come up with something extraordinary on the 15th. I need an out of town trip!
  • Enchanted Kingdom. I'm quite excited for my much anticipated trip to Enchanted Kingdom next week! Don't laugh at me! Yes. I've never been there. EVER.
  • Company Outing. The month of May just totally sucked and I was not able to travel anywhere this month. I told myself to have a trip at least once a month (LOL as if I could do it twice) just to feed my wanderlust. I've been doing it since February. So, I guess, going to Rizal would be the travel highlight of May. Hahaha.

And lastly, my favorite news this month:

Got an email from Scarlett Dixon of Hostelling International/Big Blog Exchange last week and almost fell off my seat. Well, no, they're not sending me on some exotic location somewhere out there. They organized a blogger's meet-up for all those bloggers who entered the BBE from the Philippines (YAY) and we'd be having lunch somewhere in Manila and we'd be meeting Tina (of Lunch For One, from Germany). Yup, the blogger that would be swapping places with Camie. I am really excited for that!


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