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Weekend Escapade: San Juan, La Union

Another weekend spent away from the city! Sometimes, I have this impulse of getting away from it all, and sometimes, I consider going to the beach to unwind and relax.

After the most inconvenient bus ride to San Juan, La Union, we were greeted by the beautiful sunset. Here's some snippets and fragments of our getaway:

Super late lunch at Sebay Surf Resort

Wearing Marion's slippers. Silly me forgot to bring a pair . 

Where we stayed.
A quick dip before calling it a night.
Early morning walk along the shoreline.
The fat cat during breakfast. Doesn't look like he's fat but he is.
Pancakes, Bacon and Cream Cheese. Breakfast @ SeaNymph Cafe. (They use Maya Hotcakes!)
I got tons more photos during the rest of the trip but I'll post those separately as I want to make another post about the delicious and affordable food we had in La Union.

I especially enjoyed this trip because we were just basically chilling out. Everything was laid back and we were not in any pressure to wake up early. LOL. I met new people (Ceej, Gab and Steve) there, had great conversations and shared one unlucky incident with them (hahaha). It was such a joy to watch the sunset and spend the nights laughing with friends.

No, I did not surf because I just didn't want to. I cannot swim and I do not dream of learning a sport that involves water and yet I can not even help myself float. Hahaha.

I cannot wait to be back at La Union. Maybe next time, I'll convince myself to try surfing.