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Notes To Self #2

If there's one thing I would like to change about myself, it's to be less of an introvert. I do not like to be the center of attention nor socializing with people I don't know. I suck at small talk! I guess I'm just not comfortable being surrounded by people in general.

Up to this moment (I am now 26 years old), I still have a stage fright. My palms still turn cold at the thought of introducing myself in front of a crowd. I remember back then during my kindergarten days, I was supposed to give a speech in front of our graduating class, I panicked and ended up running down the stage to go to my mom. I know, such a chicken.

When I learn that we're supposed to present in front of class (during college), that I'm supposed to speak to a group of operators that I handle in the production (when I was still an engineer) or just that moment when I know that I need to speak my mind and give my opinion about something, I get anxiety attacks, my tummy hurts, my palms sweat and my voice quivers when I speak. You will definitely know that I am nervous.
I guess we have different reasons for why we’re scared to speak up: for some, it’s lack of self-confidence, or maybe fear of authority, or maybe you just don’t want to create any conflict or ripple in the water. Sometimes, it’s all of that all at the same time. (via)
I know this might be trivial to some other people but for me this is a major trait I am still trying to improve through the years, and boy, will this be a long process. I know I'm a teeny bit more comfortable with interacting with people but I still do not like the idea of speaking in front of the public. Every time I get a point across, it really, really feels good but it still feels somewhat exhausting, like it's such an effort in my part.

Here are some ways you could speak up as suggested by Arriane:

IN SCHOOL:Go against a popular but common idea for a project if you know your idea is better and more innovative,
IN THE OFFICE:Speak to your boss when you know that some processes can be done more efficiently, and you believe that what “has always been done before” isn’t working anymore,
IN LIFE IN GENERAL:Dressing the way you want to without thinking of what others will think is a form of ‘speaking up,’ too!

I guess this is where blogging comes in. I'm such a pain to watch, with my public speaking skills (or lack thereof) so I sort to blogging to comfortably voice out my opinions and thoughts. In a way, blogging has greatly helped me gradually overcome this fear of mine.

I know I will take my time with this one. I know things have already improved but I know I'm still far away from removing this timidness in my system. Everyday is a step closer to this self improvement and I'm glad I came across this motivational blog post by Arriane to help me along the way.

How about you? Are you once afraid to speak up? What did you do to overcome this?

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