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Laura McKellar

Sometimes I wish, since I was not blessed with any creative talent, I could come up with an original idea that I can make my way around and actually call my own. So jealous of artists that can cook something up and make it their brand.

Just like Laura McKellar. I saw her artwork while breezing through ModCloth's blog and I kinda felt my heart flutter at sheer amazement with her mixed media artwork. Damn, when will I ever come up with something as great as this?

There's some so unique in the way she combined animals and people in her works, not just on these ones. The saturated, washed out colors of the vintage print, the intricate, elaborate and colorful embroidery, and the technique of incorporating the animals as masks. It's just so fluid. What I truly love about her works overall is the unexpectedness!

The photo above is my favorite out of the bunch. I like the pastel background and the purple-ish hues of the embroidery, and the flight of birds just speak so much to me.

Here are some of her works from the Once Upon Time Exhibit in aMBUSH Gallery in Sydney last November 2009:

Laura McKellar is an illustrator, and graphic designer who exhibits her work worldwide. She is based in Melbourne, Australia. (via)

You can view more of her artworks here. And learn more about her through this interview with pop.see.cul.

All images belong to Laura McKellar.