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Big Blog Exchange: I made it to the Top 100!

The official list of the top 100 finalists was posted last April 17th --  a day after a voting period extension given by Hostelling International. Why the extension? As if a plot in a movie, a day before the competition phase was supposed to close, a spammer attacked TBBE's website and reported numerous blogs in the top 25 of each region (mine included) which caused our entries to be removed from the list, thus, people were not able to vote.

There was certainly panic among us as this blog post by TBBE garnered nearly around 200 comments, eagerly waiting for an answer as to why our entries were suspended. Each one anxious because time is ticking and votes are waiting in vain. Thankfully, TBBE responded as quick as they could, replying to each and everyone of our queries, emails, tweets and FB messages, informing us of what went down and that they already fixed the issue. And with that, they allowed an extra day of voting to compensate to the votes that might have been lost. Great news! What's even better was that through this crisis, if I may call it, I got to know a lot of the other bloggers more as we constantly update the thread with the latest news we have. Such a wonderful group of positive people!

So everything paid off in the end because, yes, I made it to the top 100! I held the 17th spot in the Asia Pacific region and 41st overall. Not bad at all. I knew I had limited time to gather as much votes as I can (I joined April 3rd), even resorting to privately messaging each and everyone on my Facebook friends' list and tweeting about the competition constantly. I just had to do it because I wanted to have an opportunity in this life-changing experience!

A big thank you to all those who took their time to read my message, go to TBBE's website and vote. Double Triple thank you to my close friends for helping me campaign and get more votes from their own families and friends. I really got all the help I could get and I could never be thankful enough for all your efforts. Thank you! And of course, unending gratitude towards Hostelling International for coming up with such a unique competition like this!

I already made it known that if given the chance to be 1 of the lucky 16, I would definitely like to go to Iceland! I made a entry about it and what things I would do when I set forth on that magnificent country. The second part of that, I'm currently finishing. So, I would definitely like to swap with Audur Osp of IheartReykjavik.net! Her website is very informative, a lot of tips and other tools of the trade in living in Reykjavik!

It is with great joy to announce also that 4 other creative bloggers from the Philippines made it to the cut! They are Jean Alaba of TheEagerTraveller.com, Camie Juan of Wild-Spirit.net, Tin Iglesias of Fashion Ate The World, and Joamar-John. Go ahead and visit their blogs and be inspired! Kisty Mea of The Style Mermaid also made it but she's representing Singapore because she currently lives there.

Now, all we can do is wait until TBBE announces the final 14 and the 2 wildcards on April 29. I am filled with anticipation (and a little anxiety)! Haha! Good luck to everyone!

You can view The Big Blog Exchange's Top 100 List here.


  1. my blog was remove too and I really panic. but then we made it to Top 100.

    Goodluck for you :)

    I am from Indonesia

    1. That was quite a scare! Good thing TBBE straightened things out.

      Thank you for dropping by! Goodluck to you, too! :)

  2. Hey thank you for mentioning me and the kind words about my blog. I don't remember what I answered regarding where I would like to go but I definitely wouldn't mind visiting the Philippines!

    So consider my fingers crossed for the both of us :)

    1. Hello! You're very much welcome, and thank you for reading my post. I'm really happy you were able to visit my site!

      Hope everything turns out well for us! :D

  3. I had the same issue on that day. My blog was removed. Everything is ok though! I just wanted to wish you the best of luck! Congratulations for being a finalist in the exchange!


    1. Same here, Andy! Good luck to all of us! :)


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