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Big Blog Exchange: And the Top 16 bloggers are...

After a week of like breathing underwater, the results have finally been posted yesterday! I was having an internal debate of whether I would look at the website at exactly 3 PM or I'll just wait for people's reactions via Twitter. Of course, I couldn't help myself so I did the former.

And since this post didn't start with the words I, won, one, top, 16 (in any order), you probably know by now that I didn't make it. Hehehe. I was bummed for a good 5 minutes and got over it. Congratulations, again, to Kisty Mea of The Style Mermaid and Camie Juan of Wild Spirit! I am just so glad someone gets to represent the Philippines, and these 2 definitely deserve it! Also, to my favorite blogger from Iceland, Auður Ösp of I Heart Reykjavik!

For what it's worth, I really, really did enjoy the competition! Thank you again to everyone who made a vote for me! It was the first time I participated in something of this magnitude and I'm glad I did! Though most of the time I was at the edge of my seat, it was such a pleasant experience. I met a lot of awesome bloggers from other countries and learned a lot of different blogging styles just by visiting their respective websites. Will I join again next year? If I have more travel experiences by then, I absolutely will!

I will still see you soon, Iceland.

Want to know why they were picked and where they're going? Visit the official Big Blog Exchange website by clicking here.