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The Big Blog Exchange

If you were given an opportunity to go to another continent (or another part of the world), live there for 10 days, experience the foreign culture and be given the power to, in your own way, change the world, would you take it?

I sure did. I've been seeing the Big Blog Exchange icon on some blogs that I follow the past week and was instantly curious about it. I have never read or heard anything about it before. Here's what their official website says:
The Big Blog Exchange
Run by Hostelling International, The Big Blog Exchange is an exciting, unique and exclusive project that has never before been explored. Sixteen passionate bloggers will swap lives, blogs, cultures and places simultaneously in real life for ten days (7th June to 17th June).
They are offering this once in a lifetime chance of experiencing an adventure by flying you to a different place, a different culture and make a difference to the world through your blog.

What I love about this is that any blogger can join, be it a small blog that just started a month ago or a blog with a big following that's been on the world wide web for 5 years. They will select 100 finalists (the top 25 for each of the four regions) and will then be narrowed to a group of 16. Each of the 16 finalists will then be given their exchange partner.

It doesn't matter what type of blog you have, as long as you have the passion and the drive to experience new things, you have a chance to win (Also, encourage your family and friends to vote. Hehe.)

This is one of the most unique projects that I've ever known and I'm glad they launched it. I thought this is finally a chance to make something out of my love for blogging all these years plus, I could go out and experience the big world! Since last year, I've promised myself to go out there and live life and this is the perfect adventure for it.

Nothing beats learning through first hand experience. Good luck to all those who joined!

(I'm going to update this post once they have confirmed my entry.)

For more information about The Big Blog Exchange, please visit their official website.
Official Facebook Page