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This Week's Recap // 2

  • Last Saturday was Hayden's last day at work. He resigned so he could pursue a teaching job -- a job that he always wanted. I will definitely miss him.
  • Saturday lunch at Kanin Club courtesy of my college best friend, Joyce. She just told everybody that she's engaged (yay)! I am now waiting for the dreaded domino effect. I can feel that a lot of my college buddies are going to be engaged soon. Really, really soon. ANYWAY, Crispy Dinuguan was so yummy! I don't eat Dinuguan ever since but I'd gladly make an exception. I want to eat it everyday!!! (But of course, I can't.)
  • A mandatory group picture of the girls at the Ayala Triangle Garden. These are my favorite people in the world!
  • We continued our lovely Saturday with a dinner at Wingman at The Collective. We brought our other 2 college buddies there, Quich and Ton. Original plan was to watch The Oktaves perform at B-SIDE for their album re-launch. It was supposed to start at 9 PM. We finished our dinner around 10:30 PM but things haven't even started. I told them there were 2 front acts before Oktaves would play and the gig could be finished really late. Since they still had to go home to Las Pinas, we decided to skip it. We saw that fat cat at Wingman again! Look at his right paw reaching out and wanting attention. Hahaha.
  • Saturday night didn't end with our lovely dinner at Wingman. We had a few drinks at Central BBQ Boy Grill beside Cash & Carry. That is a photo of their drink Badtrip. It was my first time trying that and going to that place. I sure was tipsy! But it was a hella great night!
  • My favorite food and my comfort food! I could live eating Ma Ling for the rest of my life if it wasn't so unhealthy. Ever since college, I always eat Ma Ling paired with a bowl of hot chicken noodle soup. After a late night of drinks, this was our lunch! 
  • We went to Cash & Carry last night to buy stuff that we need for this week. For dinner, I tried Jollibee's new offering, the Ultimate Burger Steak meal. It was a good combination (the fries and burger steak patty) and filling. 
  • This morning's breakfast: 1 hard-boiled egg, 1 tomato, broccoli and cauliflower. Time to have a healthier lifestyle and I'm going to start by eating healthier. I ate all the carbs I can over the weekend and I'm starting my low-carb diet today. 
Things have been quite busy but I'm pretty sure work load will be easier in the coming weeks, and hopefully, I could maintain my low carb diet so I could experience changes in my life. I really need to do this. I can do this!

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