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BRGR: The Burger Project

My No Food Blogging Month may come sooner than expected because I may have (LOL) to lose some pounds for an upcoming super important event. But before anything else, I would like to finish everything in my backlog so I could go start it whenever I want.

It's about time I make permanent changes in my life. I know if I could successfully do one thing, it will all follow. And eventually, all will fall into place.

Moving on from the serious stuff, let me tell you about that time last February when I went back to Jupiter Street.

I've been meaning to go here since last year upon knowledge of their make-your-own burger theme which I thought was really original. Also, there were really a lot different food joints sprouting in Jupiter Street in Makati lately. We (Dianne and I) really wanted to try Pino (after seeing their delicious food on most blogs) but I totally forgot that they temporarily close at 2PM and resume again at around 5 PM. So, to BRGR: The Burger Project we went.

The idea, for me, was a sure hit. A burger made out of a person's creativity! The results are just endless! Going on a Sunday afternoon was a good thing because the place was not packed. Upon seating, we were asked if we wanted a customized burger or a designer burger. Of course, we wouldn't miss the chance of creating our own meaty monster so we each took a (sort of) burger slip that's conveniently clipped on a board and we were handed colored pens.

I named my creation after a certain person. LOL. Please don't judge me.
*Name of Person* Burger Ingredients:
A patty of 100% Beef Burger
Sesame Bun
Mozzarella Cheese
Canadian Bacon
Mango Salsa
Honey Mustard

We also ordered fries and their PINO Brewed Iced Tea. I really, really like house-blend iced teas! While waiting for our food, I took quick shots of the entirety of the burger shop. It's obviously not a big place but it's adequately ventilated and the colors of the walls, chalkboard menu and the ceiling are just so inviting. The space was well utilized as it doesn't feel cramped at all. The place will definitely inspire your creativity to make the most exciting burger of your life.

Ceiling decor says create-your-own.

Fries were already enough. I have this habit of always eating the fries first before the burger. I was almost full when I finished the entire basket. It was freshly prepared and it had that crisp on the outside and a little mushy on the inside consistency. Oh, I forgot to take a photo of the iced tea which was served in a tall plastic glass. I found it really delicious and refreshing!

The burger was so huge, I was only able to finish half of it. It was really very juicy and tasty. I loved the mango salsa! It added a refreshing kick to the savory-salty taste of the burger. Make sure you eat there with an almost empty stomach so you can fully enjoy your food. Although it's a bit pricey, I think it's worth every penny. Serving was generous and tastes just the way you like it.

You could be as creative as you want but if you're unsure of how you'd combine the ingredients or you just want to stay safe, try their designer burgers!

Another plus for me was that they have mustard! Most burger joints that I've been to only have the usuals: mayonnaise and ketchup. So I was really happy to find a bottle of mustard there! Mustard mustard all over!

Mayo + Ketchup + Mustard

An unusual way of (making and) eating these American classics! Fresh, generous and delicious. And perfect because your imagination is the limit! A great hangout place with your friends on a weekend night as well! 

BRGR: The Burger Project is located at 38 Jupiter St. corner Planet St., Makati City
Right next to Pino/Pipino and beside Tong Yang
Other branches: Maginhawa, Teacher's Village, Quezon City and Vito Cruz, Manila

Official Facebook Page