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Best Friends: Rachel Antonoff Fall 2013

I know I said I'm not going to post anything fashion related here because it's definitely an area I have zero knowledge but let me make this (rare) exception.
I like most pieces to Rachel Antonoff's Fall 2013 collection because it looks comfortable and definitely wearable. Not too cos…

DIY Macaron Coin Purse

About a week ago, I saw these yummy looking macaron purses posted on Nylon's Facebook page:

OH MY ELLE WOODS! Imagine a scratch-and-sniff sticker had a baby with our favorite french cookie, the macaroon, and ta-da! Meet the Scented Macaroon Coin Purse.
A wild idea, we know. Take a breath. Wait until your head stops spinning.Okay, ready? So here’s what we’re thinking: The upside is pretty obvious. It’s pretty much Marie Antoinette meets Lisa Frank, with a splash of the Legally Blonde heroine herself, Ms. Elle Woods (“It’s pink…And it’s scented”). Wow, this is a smoothie of girly perfection. (via)
I'm absolutely no Elle Woods nor Marie Antoinette but I don't mind getting my hands on these eye candies. They are just too cute and it almost looks like the real thing! I don't know if this is spacious enough to hold that much coins though. And I think I'd pass on the "scented" part -- the smell of metal and the macaron coin purse's sweetness, I'm sure, is not a great match.

You may order these online (it comes in 6 colors) through FredFlare.com. But if you're a crafty soul that would rather make a customized piece for herself, I found an tutorial on how you can make your own macaron coin purses!

A little background about this gem I found on the Internet:
Craft Passion, authored by Joanne L., is a craft website with hundreds of free patterns & tutorials covering sewing, crochet, knitting, beading, paper crafts and more. The site also offers many tutorials on how to recycle unwanted materials into a useful handmade. (via)
Craft Passion offers a wide variety of topics and tutorials, from crafts of every kind to recipes! Every tutorial is detailed and every step is photographed so that you can easily follow the instructions. This is certainly a wonderful website that is of great help for all your crafting needs!

Before we start, here's the list of things you will need to make this cute little purse:

Image from www.craftpassion.com
Macaron Coin Purse Tutorial by Craft Passion:

  • Get ready all the materials and tools needed to sew a macaron coin purse.
  • Sew to join the zipper tape together above the top stops. Fold the ribbon into half and sew it on the bottom stop with ends facing zipper end.
  • Fold the zipper right side together and sew to join it into a ring.
  • Trim the zipper ends to 1/2″ seam allowance from the stops. Fold the 1 1/2″ square fabric into half then fold a seam allowance of 1/4″.

Cupcakes by Sonja

Last January, I was finally able to visit the mother of all cupcakes, Cupcakes by Sonja. Ironic how this is the first cupcake shop before all the craze began, and yet this is the last great cupcake shop I've visited. There was so much hype around their cupcakes but it was only after 6 months that I was able to join the bandwagon. This is the brainchild of Sonja Ocampo, who had worked in the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York (yes, that famous shop featured in Sex and the City, SNL and The Devil Wears Prada). Most people would say that cupcakes are overrated, I would kind of agree with that but it's overrated for a reason, right? And I find cupcakes comforting so, slowly, it has become quite an obsession.

Since we went there around 8:00 PM, I wasn't able to photograph the lovely exterior of their little shop in Serendra. It was quite late but their store were still filled with people waiting to get their hands on the delicious looking cupcakes by Sonja Ocampo.

When I got inside, everything was prettier and daintier, just like most cupcake shops now around the metro. I felt like a little girl inside a candy store, my eyes were darting everywhere, my short attention span was entertained by the endless little trinkets inside the cute shop! I was really excited!

(Bad) Girls on Film

Remember the movies Thirteen, Heathers, Sugar & Spice, Wild Things and Pretty Persuasion? What is the one thing they have in common? Yes. Girls behaving badly.
These movies generally have a coming of age theme to it with undertones of teenage rebellion (or is it the other way around?) The sett…

The Big Blog Exchange

If you were given an opportunity to go to another continent (or another part of the world), live there for 10 days, experience the foreign culture and be given the power to, in your own way, change the world, would you take it?

I sure did. I've been seeing the Big Blog Exchange icon on some…

This Week's Recap // 2

Last Saturday was Hayden's last day at work. He resigned so he could pursue a teaching job -- a job that he always wanted. I will definitely miss him.Saturday lunch at Kanin Club courtesy of my college best friend, Joyce. She just told everybody that she's engaged (yay)! I am now waiting fo…

Today, I am...

GRATEFUL for the new opportunity given to me. Things happen for reasons we don't understand at first. I am where I am today due to all the choices I made in the past, be it good or bad. Still, I am where I wanted to be. I love my work right now. I really do.
EXCITED for what might be my first so…

The Happy Weekend!

Before, it was such a grueling (a little exaggeration there) task to organize a get together with my college friends. Different schedules, different preferences and different work places. And when we start to plan something, it almost always never happens. Gladly, late last year, a couple of my friends transferred to Makati. We were able to have weekly dinners, spur of the moment eat outs or just basically hangout together during most weekends.

Last February, I suggested we go out of town and attend the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Pampanga. Sure, it was a long shot by then but it never hurts to suggest doing something quite different for a weekend.

I never thought it would actually push through, but it did! Since Fritzie was from Bataan, we thought we could spend the night there so we could avoid the early morning traffic from Manila going to Pampanga. We decided to attend the last day of the festivities since my shift ends on a Saturday morning as well.

February 23:
We all met up at the Bataan Transit bus station in Cubao right after I got out of work and endured the long ride going to Limay for almost 4 hours. It wasn't supposed to be that long but there were 2 accidents along NLEX that afternoon. We arrived there around 6 PM and I was dead tired and sleep deprived.

Hello, PBR Housing!
Hahaha. We ate dinner around 7 PM and I had to retire to the bedroom early because I couldn't function normally anymore. We were again up around 2 in the morning to prepare for our journey to see the hot air balloons!

February 24:
So, I guess, it was not a good idea to leave around 4AM since we were stuck in traffic (again) going to Dau. I just did not expect there would be that much crowd early in the morning. We met up with another classmate who was from Pampanga. Good thing he knew another way around so we could get closer to the Freeport Zone without being stuck at the main gate. Hot air balloon flight was scheduled at 6:40 AM. So to cut the story short, we were not able to see it. LOL.

Excited, bored and stuck.
So far away...
These 2 were the only hot air balloons we saw upclose that was in flight. There were so many people and so many cars that we had no choice but to park at least a kilometer away from the Clark Freeport Zone. The place was brimming with people and it was such a challenge to get in. By the time we got inside, it was already around 8 AM (I think) so we settled at first possible open spot to buy breakfast and eat. After that, we roamed around, looked for souvenirs and watched the jet exhibition.

BRGR: The Burger Project

My No Food Blogging Month may come sooner than expected because I may have (LOL) to lose some pounds for an upcoming super important event. But before anything else, I would like to finish everything in my backlog so I could go start it whenever I want.
It's about time I make permanent changes…

Quick Bites: February Food Feature

It's March! Where did time go? I had such a crappy day today but I thought it's just one lame day out of 365 better days.
So many places, so little time. February was such a busy month for me at work. I have no spare time to post more about food (or about anything else, for that matter). …